To Touch

January 12, 2012
I want to touch you.

But I know I can’t. You are so far above me in status, too far superior. So much more beautiful, graceful even. You’re everything I aspire to one day be. But I know that dream will never come true.

And that is why I want to touch you.

My reason is not that I am hoping that some of the intoxicating power you radiant will somehow imprint itself unto me. That would be unkind and ungrateful. No, I just want to feel close to you. The person that holds all the power but doesn’t use it for their own despicable reasons like others. I want to see you, to hear you.

…to touch you.

And fall into the deep trance that happens whenever I think of you. And bask in your presences like the loyal servant I am.

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