Preface (i don't have a name for the story yet)

January 12, 2012
By Anonymous

June 27 11:00 PM

"Push....come on! Just a few more, Sharon. You can do it," the doctor said. The doctor's name was Emily Hilton. She was 5ft. 2, with short curly brown hair, sun-kissed skin and dark green eyes.

"AAAagggghhhh!!!!," Sharon screamed as she pushed again. Her full name was Sharon Nightshade. She was 5ft. 6, with straight blond hair, creamy flawless skin, and dull blue eyes.

"that's it! one more push!" Emily said with glee. Sharon gave one last push and fell silent. the whole room was in a eerie silence. then came a quiet sound of crying. the baby!

"Congratulations! its a girl!" the doctor (Emily) said.She handed the child over to Sharon. Sharon smiled and held her newborn like she was as fragile as glass. "what will you name her?" Emily asked. "i think I'll call her Noami Aqua Nightshade," Sharon responded. The baby-girl's eyes open and looked rite at Sharon." my little angel," she whispered as she gazed into little Noami's glistening dark sea blue eyes.

Sharon never knew how right she was......

The author's comments:
well, i love angels. one day, i let my mind wander and i saw myself as an angel so i thought i think I'll make it into a story. and that's exactly what I'm going to do.

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