I love Everything About him

January 11, 2012
By minime3396 SILVER, Decatur, Illinois
minime3396 SILVER, Decatur, Illinois
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I constantly notice all the little things that he looks like, does, and says. He has about a mohawk maybe as tall as sixteen quarters stacked on top of each other. His friends say it makes him look like a dinosaur or "Reptar". His eyes are bright blue, but around his pupil is a yellow ring; i say it looks like a sunflower in the blue sky. His face doesn't really have bad acne, which I’m very jealous of. He only gets maybe a couple zits a month. He's really not as skinny as most people think others should be. But he's not fat at all. He has monstrous feet, i think, they are like size thirteen's. He's pretty tall about 5'11". To me that's huge because I’m like 5'1". He makes sure his clothes match at all times. He makes sure his nails are trimmed or else he will pick at them, and pick at them, and pick at them.

He is constantly fidgeting and moving. He can't sit still for the length of the commercials to be over. He always changes the position of the way he sits so i can never fall asleep while laying with my head on his shoulder or chest. His touch really isn't all that gentle, sometime people touch your arm so soft that it can tickle or maybe give you goose bumps; his touch is more of "dragging a rock through the sand".He has to be clean or else he will complain, and complain, and complain.

He really likes to talk. His voice isn't deep but it's really not high at all either. It suits him quite well, I can't really describe the way it sounds to me. He says "I'm just sayin" very often. Also after he says a joke and I don’t laugh because to me it's not funny or just because I’m not in the mood he'll say "it was a joke" it drives me crazy at times. He always tries to say nice things to me, never anything to hurt my feelings. During movies he likes to talk out loud about what he is thinking, it drives my parents insane. I love everything about him though.

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Softball~19 said...
on Jan. 19 2012 at 9:28 am
awwwee that is cute i love this !!!!!! Did you show HIM? Good Descriptive words girly !!!!!

on Jan. 19 2012 at 9:12 am
Mollie96 BRONZE, Blue Mound, Illinois
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People were put onto this earth to push you to your absolute limit. i was put onto this earth to push back and show that i have no limit

awe(: thats cute. did you show it to him? if you two weren't dating and madly in love-haha- then i guess you would be slightly stockerish.... haha. i love you bestfriend! ♥

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