African Savanna

January 10, 2012
By cody scheepbouwer BRONZE, Nooksack, Washington
cody scheepbouwer BRONZE, Nooksack, Washington
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In the middle of the African Savanna, there lived many animals. There were the lions, which were on top, the monkeys who were very wise and old. The rhinos, who’s heads were as thick as their skin. The gazelles who were very fast and clever. Then the hippos who were as dumb as bricks. There was only one watering hole in the savanna and the lions had full control over it, and all the other animals were afraid that they wouldn’t get enough water and would die.
“It’s time we fight back for what’s ours!” Reezio, the leader of the gazelles.
“It’s not fair that the lions can just take control of the watering hole and not give us equal share,” Epizio the leader of the monkeys.
“Why don’t we stand up to the lions? We can take them,” Brock the leader of the rhinos.
“Now let’s all calm down, there are more ways to solve this problem than just fighting.”Epizio said.
“Now if we don’t fight, then we will all die from thirst. I say we stand up and fight! Now who’s with me?” Brock said.
“We are!” Reezio said.
“And so are we,” Rafael leader of the hippos said.
“Then it’s settled, we will fight at first sunlight.” Brock said.

That very next morning all the animals met up at the mouth of the lion’s den.
“Come out of your hole lions.” Brock said.
“What do all of you want, it’s not time for you guys to get your daily drink.” Mufasa the leader of the lions said.
“We have come to fight you lions back for the watering hole.” Brock said.
“You think that you can defeat us?” Mufasa said.
“Yes, we all believe that combined, we can take you guys on.” Brock said.
“Then so be it. Let the war begin.” Mufasa said. And the lions attacked.

All the animals but the monkeys went to war. The monkeys didn’t because they didn’t believe that they needed to start a war to solve the problem. Three months later.
“This war has been going on for a while now, and I think that it’s time to end it.” Brock, the new leader of the animal rebellion said.
“Yes I agree, we should strike them where it will hurt them the most, starting with Mufasa. If we take out Mufasa then they will for surely surrender.” Reezio, the new second in command of the animal rebellion said.
“Then we have to get Mufasa away from his clan and then ambush him.” Brock Said.
“Alright I will alert the other of our new plan.” Reezio Said.

Over on the lion’s side, they are getting ready to send more lions out to battle.
“This war has been going on far too long.” Mufasa said.
“I Agree, but we cannot just stop this fight, I fear we have already lost my lord.” Kofi, the second in command said.
“Nonsense, we can still win this, we just need to get rid of that wretched leader Brock of theirs,” Mufasa said.
“Great, I will let the others know right away.” Kofi said.

So now that both sides have a plan to finish this war once and for all, who do you think will win?
“So everything is in place?” Brock said.
“Yes he should be coming to get his mourning drink very soon.” Reezio said.
“Good, then we should attack at once, ready the troops.” Brock said.
“Already done sir.” Reezio said.

Down by the watering hole.
“Stop right there Mufasa, you can either surrender to us, or die. Your choice,” Brock yelled.
“I will never surrender to you!” Mufasa said.
“Then I guess I have to no choice but you kill you. Any last words before we behead you?” Brock Said.
“Yes, you guys will all die.” Mufasa said.
“Kill him!” Brock ordered.

Shortly after the death of Mufasa, the lions surrendered, and the watering hole now belonged to all of the animals. But the animals got too excited and drank all of the water in the watering hole. It has been months, and still no rain. About a month later all the Animals died by what they feared before the war, and maybe it was a good thing that the lions had control of the watering hole. In fact if they did, the animals would still be alive!

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