The Five Minute Showdown

January 2, 2008
By Samantha Floyd, Susan, VA

It is a dog-eat-dog world in high school. That world is full of bullies, fights, and drama. No one understood this more than Sarah and her friends. It was their first year in high school and everyone had just gotten back from summer break.

“I missed ya’ll so much!” exclaimed Sarah. She had spent the entire summer in Ohio visiting her relatives. Being secluded from her friends and made her realize how close they were.

“We missed you, too!” shouted the crowd surrounding her. As freshmen, they grouped together to avoid any discrepancies with upperclassmen. Sarah noticed Scott, Liz, and Arlene weren’t there. Being the naturally curious person she was, Sarah walked the halls in search of her closest friends.

Finally, she stumbled upon the crumbling of a long friendship. “I can’t believe you skipped my birthday party to hangout with Liz! You know I’ve liked you since eighth grade! How could you go out with her! She dumped you last year!” cried Arlene to Scott.

“I’m sorry,” Scott explained, “I didn’t skip your party. My mom wouldn’t let me go. Liz came over to help me with my summer project and…,”

“Are you kidding? You better be. I know your mom. She likes me a lot more that she does Liz. I’m tired of trying, so just leave me alone. I never want to see you again!” Just like that, Arlene storms down the math hall in tears.

Sarah was stunned. In a matter of minutes, she witnessed the downfall of a friendship that had lasted since fifth grade. Scott wanted to run after Arlene, but Liz wouldn’t let him go. Liz had been friends with Arlene, but she had heard all of the hurtful things that had been said by Arlene.

Sarah chased after Arlene. A flood of thoughts filled Sarah’s head. This is what I was afraid of. High school is going to be horrible. Already people are fighting, and it’s over nothing. Could this get any worse?

“How could he…grr!” yelled Arlene. “I have always been there for him, and he knew I cared about him. Scott is blind! Liz doesn’t want to date him! She just wants to date…somebody. Scott was just the closest guy to her. I wanted to ask Scott out at my party! After Daddy’s death, I thought my life was over. Then, I started talking to Scott. Scott was my last chance for happiness, now he’s gone!”

Arlene’s father had recently died of lung cancer and she was devastated. Her mother tried to ease the pain by having the party for her. She hoped friends would comfort her. In reality, the only person that could comfort her never showed up.

“I’m so sorry, Arlene. You have to realize that Scott isn’t gone. He wants to be your friend. He knows you need him. He’ll be there for you. I’m not saying that Scott is right, but just give him a chance. Remember, high school relationships usually last a week!” Sarah managed to stop Arlene’s tears, but some they seemed to show up in Sarah’s eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Arlene moved closer to Sarah.

“It’s the second week of school, I hadn’t seen anyone, and ya’ll are all fighting. I can’t take it! I’m always caught in the middle and never have a chance to focus on my own life. This same thing happened last year. It doesn’t matter whether if Scott is dating Liz. You can still be friends. And, if you expect me to be around, then you’ll all get along. It’s okay to be upset or jealous. I didn’t say it wasn’t. Arlene, don’t say something you’ll regret. Go talk to Scott. A four-year friendship should be thrown away over some girl. Now, let’s get to class before the bell rings!”

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