The Bloody Past

January 10, 2012
By kingtut SILVER, Douglassville, Pennsylvania
kingtut SILVER, Douglassville, Pennsylvania
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"You can beat or jail me or even kill me, but I am not going to be what you want me to be," ~Steve Biko from "Cry Freedom"

I know what people say behind my back. They think I am mean, selfish, and cruel like Ebenezer Scrooge, but if only they knew. If only they knew of the bloody incident that occurred in front of my eyes that makes me the man I am today. If only they knew. They would be… would be so sympathetic. Hello, my name is Marty Levengood and I am a business man in New York City. On that bloody moment of the incident I saw so much blood. I felt so much pain and loneliness. My only friend was a crow who haunts me everywhere. I didn’t know where my life was heading. All I was and all I am will stay in the past, but waiting upon the future.

The incident… oh the incident no, the murder that took place in front of my eyes. All the screams, but I then realized that I was the only one screaming that was left. The creature ran out leaving blood and pain everywhere. Why? Why did I live, while my loved ones are on the floor with not smiles, but horror faces? Why couldn’t they live? For what have my family done wrong? In that case what did I do wrong? I was only a teen who became an orphan, but I lived on my own. I had anger and hatred in my heart. All I wanted was vengeance to the creature that did this upon the innocent. I vowed that I would face the creature mono to mono, but I would not hurt the innocent or the guilty.

Like I said I am business man, so I meet people every day. They know that I am cruel, mean, and selfish, but Lord I wish they could see what I saw and know how it feels. So one day, this eighteen year old child came in looking for her father. I stared at her for she looked like my girlfriend who I knew I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. We had such big plans together. I was going to engage my precious Olivia after we settled down after college. I went up to her and said in a nice and greeting tone, “Excuse Miss, what is your name?”

“Danielle, I am looking for my father,” she said with confidence.

“What is your father’s name?”

“Harold Perkins.”

“Well, I definitely can help you there. He is my boss.” We walked silently together as everyone stared in disbelief that I was actually nice to someone. I just walked along with Danielle. Olivia would name her daughter that name I said to myself. I finally said to Danielle, “so why are you looking for your father?”

“Well, mother said when I’m eighteen I can go and find my father.”

“Oh.” I said with no further questions. When I found my boss I said, “Harold look who I found at the front of the building.” He stared at his daughter and said,

“Danielle. Your mother divorced me why have you come?”

“Father, I just wanted to see you to give you another chance.”

“Your mother told you what happened eleven years ago.”

“Yes.” Nothing was said after that. All I did was stare at him because eleven years ago was when the creature took my family away from me. Then Harold said,

“Danielle, I think you should go.” I decided to walk Danielle down as I did so I asked,

“What did your father do eleven years ago?” She sighed and whispered,

“He murdered a family and took my mother away from her boyfriend and his family. Just so he could marry her. Mother finally divorced him.”

“Does she ever wonder if her boyfriend would come for her again?”

“Father told her that he died.”

“Well, I will see you another time. Before you go, here take my card if you ever need someone to talk to or you need someone.”

“Thanks.” She waved and left. I walked back up to where Harold was. I walked into in his office and locked the door. I had a look of death. He was cowering in his chair.

“Why?” I asked. “why did you take my family and girlfriend?”

“Now Marty, let’s be calm now.”

“For years I have been searching for justice. Now I finally found it. My heart was filled with anger and hatred all these years because of the creature that murdered my family.”

“Marty, don’t kill me.”

“I wouldn’t kill the innocent nor the guilty. For years I thought Olivia died because of you.”

“I sneaked her out and replaced her as her twin sister.”

“Why did you let me live and not my family or Olivia’s sister?”

“I felt anger, hatred, and pain on that night that I wanted someone to feel the same way. Your house was the first one I came across.”

“I am reporting you to the police and then I am going to find Olivia. Don’t stop me.”

“Marty wait!”

“No.” Harold came at me with speed and punched me. Fortunately, I know how to defend myself, so when the second punch came at me I grabbed his fist and put it behind his back like they do on the cop shows. I sat him at his chair and tied him with a bow that was around. I closed his mouth with tape and then called the police. They came and took him away. Everyone was wondering and I explained everything. They all had sympathy for me, but I sort of didn’t want sympathy from them or anyone. All I wanted was to see Olivia and her daughter.

For the rest of the day everyone was excused. Before I left the office I asked my assistant to get me Olivia’s and Danielle’s address. I said thank you and left. I walked up to the front door and rang the door bell. Olivia answered the door. She said, “Hello.” I answered,

“Hi Olivia it’s me Marty Levengood.” Her face was a look of shock. She said with confusion,

“I thought you were dead.”

“No, I thought you were dead, but Harold killed your sister.”

“I know. Is he with you?”

“No, I called the police and they took him away.”

“Well, Marty please come in.” I sat down on the couch and asked her,

“Olivia, why all these years didn’t you call the police?”

“He threatened me, so I just didn’t call them, but I was praying for a miracle.”

“Well, he is out of our lives and justice is served. Olivia,” I knelt down on my knee and continued. “I may not have a ring right now, but will you marry me?”

“Yes, I will.” You can say we lived happily ever after, but the murder and kidnapping that took place stood with us. So did the creature, but only as a ghost staying back at the sidelines watching, but not hurting or killing. Just watching and leaving us alone. The crow as our friend sits in a tree on the sidelines too. We know he is there, but not to mock or crow, but to remind us he is there.

The author's comments:
I wrote this story for English and everyone really liked it, so I decided to post on Teen Ink. Even though I was going to do this anyway, but I hope you like it.

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