It All Started on a Tuesday

December 29, 2007
By zack pickett, Kokomo, IN

It all started on a Tuesday, he awoke in his new house at the rim of a soft mountain. He heard a noise it sounded like a soft whisper in his ear……… “ Jest…..Jest……come to me” the whisper then screamed aloud “Jest!!!” the scream through him off his bed. Frightened he just lay there overwhelmed, he knows that this house was supposed to be haunted, and he didn’t believe it until now. The question is how did “it” know his name?
Then his phone rang, it unraveled his nervousness and he calmed down rushing to his phone, hoping it was his girlfriend, Ebony. When he answered it, a loud booming voice came upon the phone “You, are the one I choose, you are him, my mercenary.” The voice stopped to let Jest speak what he was about to say.
“Listen I'm not a mercenary, dude I'm only 19, I think you have the wrong number.” Jest said mocking the voice.
“Cocky are we?” the voice boomed “Jest, meet me outside, on the top of the mountain behind your house, I will explain it all.”
Then the phone clicked, and the dead tone becomes what was the voice and Jest hung up. He got this nerve that he should do what the voice said, but he didn’t say what time. So Jest decided to go now, putting on his coat he walked out the backdoor. Then a giant light beamed upon him and a soft ladies voice said in a almost hush of a whisper “I give you this passage guide, she is helpful yet she does not know talk, you must only follow.” The light then fades away leaving this little girl in a white dress standing in front of him, with skin as white as her dress.”

Jest became frightened and jumped back putting his hands up in a defensive position, even though the little girl seemed harmless. She just stood there and cocked her head to the right as if a dog confused. Then he realized that she was harmless so he pointed to the top of the mountain and she began walking. Then this light appeared on the ground making a path and the trees in the path just disappeared. He began pondering, why isn’t he afraid, why can’t he stop walking, it’s like his body is utterly uncontrollable.

Then they reach the top and the little girl that looked so pale disappeared. He stood there alone for about an hour when a voice reached down to him and spoke.

“Jest, close your eyes and imagine something peaceful. Imagine something soothing.” The voice spoke sincerely

Jest not being able to try to stop the commands did as he is asked. The world around him starts to spin. Then everything went still.

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