Dear Humans

December 28, 2007
By Ruchelle Ann Santos, Beach Park, IL

Dear Humans,
I can still see the raging crowds, the quick glances, and the thoughts mixed with stereotypes. Malice is my name, I know for a fact that you all sin, I know for every millisecond you talk about someone else it makes you feel guilty. You wonder why the claustrophobic hallways are filled with voices of negative views. A friend of mine named Jealousy is always going to pop up whenever you look at another and compare at the differences. Why give yourself away so easily? If your thoughts were an open book I know that everyone that I know would burn it.
That’s why only you can hear me, but what you also know is that everyone can hear me. I’m in every corner you seek refuge. Telling yourself your better or putting someone down for your own selfish desires makes me proud to call you my child of sin. I’m in the air your breath, and even though you don’t know it I’m in the dream you seek. My sister, Greed, is present at any holiday whether you like it or not. I know every single person in the world knows my brother, Hate, he is famous. I merely stand second holding the silver medal while Hate takes gold. My cousin, Deceive, just loves the mislead people. He has gotten me a few times. I know that one day I’ll get back at him.
Revenge is going to help me; he’s good at that kind of stuff. Pain is always ruining the party every time I tell her to stop doing whatever she’s doing she still continues. Arrogance thinks he’s so good-looking and better but in truth he’s not. But then there is my father, Death. He is called many things; the never-ending sleep, the death god, etc. He’s the best out of everyone I know. Jealousy, Greed, Hate, Deceive, Revenge, Pain and Arrogance all love Daddy Death. You see, whenever you or some other person socializes with us too much Daddy Death is there to help.
I’m not giving people a threat, I’m giving everyone a warning, Death may be loved by us but make sure you fear him. I know some fools believe that Death is not scary, but beware that is all Deceive’s doing. Though I know Hate knows how I feel about Goodness, she makes me want to vomit and spread more sin all over the place! The rest of her family bugs me too. One day Revenge and I are going to get them all. Of course the first on my hit list is Charity; she’s always trying to help the poor. Next is Joy, if Revenge and I get rid of Charity, I’m sure Joy would meet Depression, who is a distant relative that visits our house a lot. Peace just makes me mad whatever I try to stir up she makes everything all ‘good’. All I can say is. “Yuck!”
Patience doesn’t really bother us that much but she is still on the hit list because she’s related to all of them. Yes, that is how evil I am. Kindness. . . .Don’t get me started about him because that conversation won’t end. Then one time Hate tripped Faith, I couldn’t stop laughing, I thought for a second I would suffocate. Modesty tries to sit with us and Deceive gets her every time. Gentleness is their ugly pet that follows us all over the place. We let our pet Immorality chase that freakish thing away from us. Then there is Self-Control. No matter what we try to do to him he always acts disciplined. Right now I sigh in annoyance as I come to the conclusion of this letter. I hope you make the right choice.
P.S. Next Saturday Party at my house and everyone is invited. I’ll send Temptation after all of you.

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