Him and Her

December 23, 2007
By Charlotte Parish, Westford, MA

Dusk. It’s the most beautiful time of day. Magical almost in the way the last beams of light throw themselves to wrap around a pair and tie them together. Like them. The very picture of innocence.
Strolling; the leisurely pace of two people with an unwanted destination, wishing the only plan was to walk into the sun and continue. They walk close to each other, wishing to stand closer but both too nervous to move an inch. Wanting to not say a word while soaking up each others’ company, but too unsure to remain silent.
“I love these trees in bloom…” she says, gesturing hesitantly around and breaking the reverie. He nods distractedly, using her movement to edge closer.
“Cherry blossoms are beautiful.” He replies, taking the plunge and taking her hand as he breaches the small distance between them. Blushing a tiny bit, she tries to contain a smile that spills over like the sun they see on the horizon as they continue to stroll more comfortably now that they are where they want to be; near each other.
But still the destination draws closer despite the both of them wishing it away.
“I guess we’re here,” She hesitates, not wanting to go as he hesitates, not able to do what he wants. But a breeze stirs, stalling both inner battles, then turns into a gust, knocking free hundreds of blossoms. Pink cherubs twirl and dance around, the breeze tugging at her gentle curls. She gasps in delight at the unexpected show, he smiles in happiness at her delight.
“They’re beautiful.” She says, turning with a smile to absorb the view, “Yes.” He replies, not looking at the blossoms. Reaching up, he picks one from the air and tucks it behind her ear slowly, moving closer.
Blushing again she murmurs, “Cherry blossoms mean love…” Half-smiling he leans closer still.
So does a kiss.

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