December 22, 2007
By Paige Clare, Coquitlam, ZZ

Silence: Echoing thorough the night. No whispers, only the sound of my own heartbeat pounding violently inside my chest.

Darkness: Covering all surroundings. No light only my eyes adjusting to the absence of the moon.

A single shot is fired. The silence is pierced by the echo of the blast. Moments pass slowly before the sound of a body loudly battering to the ground reassures me that this is no dream. The noise was so loud that I am certain it must have awoken the mice that were surely sleeping feet bellow. In fact as the victim chokes on his own blood I am certain that it is the mice who are crying out in protest----- at me. For it was indeed I that pulled the trigger. I killed the darkness and the silence with a mere gun.

Where did it come from?

Who Cares?

Light bleeds throughout the stale darkness causing my eyes to squint in objection. Was it I that switched on the overhead lights? Of course it must have been. Probably unintentionally. What happened to the silence? Oh yeah, I shot it. Dead and buried.

But wait! Is that the sound of my own heartbeat and heavy breathing? Yes it must be. But why then is the tension in the room escalating?

As I gradually back against the wall something grazes my leg. I inhale deeply before gazing down. Stupid Mouse! This isn’t a game anymore! This is no longer funny!

“Back Off I have a gun!”

Oh my god! Where is the gun? Scratch that.

Slowly heading towards the back door, subconsciously I break into a run. The door jerks open. Waiting for me.

Still dark, the only light given is secreted from the devious moon; A moon that seems to have only just retreated from hiding to lay an accusing spotlight on my guilty sin.
Is it a sin to pull the trigger of a non-existent gun and kill a nameless person? Surely it isn’t. No worries. If truth be told, did he die at all? Who knows?

A flash of light! A man is exposed standing before me with a gun in his hand. Relax! It is only lightning revealing my own reflection in the sliding glass door.

Breathe, breathe! Since when did I have to remind myself to do something so simple?

Wait the man in the glass had a gun. If he is me and I am him, where is the gun now?

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