A Snowflake Horror Story

December 21, 2007
By April Lee Strauss, Lockport, NY

I was born in the mother cloud. Snuggled in her soft arms. I grew everyday, crystal by crystal. My mother took care of me and nurtured me as my other brothers and sisters began leaving our nesting grounds. I watched them as they tumbled gracefully through they air, almost like they were waltzing to a song on the wind. They spiraled down; landing on trees, frozen lakes, rooftops and fields. Soon, I too, would have to leave the comforts of my cozy mother's arm's and join them.

Finally, my mother began drifting away. She could no longer cradle me like she did. I lost hold of my mother and was finally set free. I soared through the air. The breeze guiding me through my new land. Exploring my surroundings I spiraled and spun, ascended on a few gust and kept flying through the air.

I gazed over the innocent world. There were children bundled up in warm clothing running and laughing. They were playing with their wooden things they went down hills on. They were creating snowballs and snowmen. Oh, I can not wait to bring enjoyment to these little children. I do wonder what I might be turned into, a snow angel? Be part of a snow man? Be victorious in a snowball fight?

I kept flying, enjoying the sites I was seeing. Red and green lights were flickering on humanly abodes. I soon glided close to the ground, until I finally rested softly on a flat surface. The view was amazing. I could see the wonderful blue sky so clearly, and I saw my mother . . .wisps of mother. How she would be proud of me! As I took in my surroundings I saw poles jolting up from the ground with little strings attaching them to other poles. These odd, thin, limbless trees seemed to be aligned up on both sides of me; cascading up and down my little home – forever.

Just then, I heard a roaring. A loud roaring; and screams, I heard screams. I tried to look around but saw nothing. The roaring grew louder. The screams! They were coming from my sisters, my brothers, my cousins and my friends.

I could feel the creature coming nearer. It was vibrating the very crystals in my body. Soon, I saw what was coming. Flashing yellow lights and a wall of red was coming towards me! No! I heard stories about these creatures, but it's the kind of story you think happens to other snowflakes and that it could never happen to you. It was happening though; it was the dreaded snowplow!

I wrangled to break free, I cried out towards the wind for help, but it couldn't hear me over the roar of the snowplow. There wasn't a gust of wind I could leap onto. Screams echoed through the air as my friends were flattened by its tires and scrapped clean off of their home. The snowplow was coming right towards me. I was in its direct path. I looked up to my mother for help, but she was gone, not a trace of her was left. She abandoned me.

The snowplow pushed all of my brothers and sisters towards me. It was in an avalanche! Some of my ice crystals broke off and I cried out in pain. I kept turning over, toppling over my friends as other friends toppled over me. The sharp edge of the snowplow was pushed into me and my family. We all cried out in pain as we felt its impaling doom.

Viciously we all were thrown into a mound, consisting of other friends. I looked around and saw my brothers and sisters lying in pieces, many of them hadn't survived. I felt myself about to go insane as I laid on my dead family and friends. And those who were alive, moaned and cried, knowing their world would soon turn black.

Just then, a hard, crystal looking, substance landed on us. At first I wasn't sure of what it was, but my weakened sister who was crushing me, found out first. She began screaming, terribly, it practically deafened me, thats when I knew what it was; it was salt!! I saw my poor sister melting away. Her beautiful crystallized face, framed in a delicate frost, melting. I wrangled as best as I could trying to break free, but the same enemy crystal melted through her body and landed on me.

The torture was horrific. It landed on my torso, near my legs. It began gnawing at me, viciously ripping my insides to pieces. I screamed in pain and cried out at the same time. Why would mother let something like this happen to me? Everyone around me was suffering the same fate. Soon all that was left was a pool of their melted, outer skin.

Then I saw a young girl come skipping along. She had a dog with her, a tremendous dog! It was one of those dogs that searches for missing persons even in the toughest conditions! Yes, mother talked about these dogs. Usually used when an avalanche occurs, to find anyone beneath the snow. This is when I knew my mother hadn't forsaken me and that she really did love me. I wearily cried out to the little girl, pleading with her, to save me.

The little girl danced and skipped oblivious of my impending doom, and torturous pain I was enduring. I called out to her again, this time louder. She looked at me, the little girl looked me. A smile crossed my face with glee as she let her dog go. The dog walked up to where I was and its cold nose touched my burning legs. I looked around for the girl. I saw her over by my friends and family . . . or whatever was left of them. They were nothing but a big glob of slush now.

The young girl looked at my friends and family, obviously looking for survivors. I sighed in relief as the dog stayed near me, still sniffing around, most likely finding more survivors as well. Then in the corner of my eye I saw the little girl kick my melted family. My eyes grew wide as their melted skins flew all over the place. I looked back to the dog who was lifting his leg. What was going on? What is this? Mother help me! I cried out as a steamy stream of water fell upon me.

The little girl and the dog left the snow mound and at the same time, another snowflake fell gently on the clean, black, yellow and white ground, with flashing yellow lights off in the distance.

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