A Night With The Wolves

January 9, 2012
By , ocala, FL
Its blood red eyes pierce into my soul. The wolf is just sitting in front of me snarling at me, staring at me anticipating my every move. I look to my sides for something to defend myself with in case the wolf decides to attack me. I see a stick to the right of me. I reach for it and the wolf seems to notice so I grab the stick and hit the wolf just in time as it lunges toward me.

I jump up and run away as fast as i can. As I am running I see two figures lurking in the shadows. I look closer and I see two mountain lions getting ready to attack the motionless wolf. I say to myself "I cant just leave him there to die I have to help him." I turn around and pick up the stick that I dropped and swing at one of the lions.

It grabs the stick and yanks it out of my hands. I fall on the ground next to the wolf. "Great now were both going to die." I mutter to myself. Then all of the sudden three wolves jump over me and the other wolf. They attack the mountain lions and run them off. I stand up and walk over toward the other wolves. They look so beautiful their fur is so soft. The wolf behind me must have woke up because all of the sudden I hear a snarling sound.

I sat down and try to look as harmless as possible. The wolf's snarling ceased. it walked over towards me and licked my face. The cold began to increase so i had to hurry home. I had the wolves walk me home. When we got there I brought them inside for the night.

The next day we went out into the woods and walked around. The wolves showed me some very interesting places like caves and burrows and their homes. It was just the four of the wolves and no one else well besides me anyways. That night it stormed and I could not go home. This meant that I would have to stay with the wolves. That night was not that bad. I had the warmth and company of the wolves and a pretty cool cave to sleep in.

I put some pine needles for some cushion. The wolves seemed to like it also. I had a fire started so we had some extra warmth. The next morning when we woke up the ground was covered in snow. It was pretty hard to get walk through it but we managed. We finally made it to my house after an hour of walking. Me and the four wolves have been inseparable ever since.

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