December 14, 2011
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Blue. That’s all I saw. It might have been the sky. It could have been the eyes of my captor. Sadness. That’s what I felt. It was lonesome. No one knew me. No one was looking for me. There was nothing. No one to talk to. Nothing to look at. All I knew were that cool shades of the room. One window. One door with no handle on it. I couldn’t escape. It had been two months and nothing had changed. Until one day.

A small yellow bird landed on the perch of the window. It sang bright and cheerful tunes. It was my new form of joy. It would come to the window right as the sun came up and would leave when the sun would set. It was like it was feeding off the light. As I slept, I would dream about its beautiful songs. I would sing the melodies along with it. I named him Sunny. The day after I named him, he was taken from me.

His face was red from anger. He had never come into my room until now. He wanted me to be alone. Like he was. But one day he heard Sunny singing. He barged into the room and smashed the window in. He flew into a rage when I tried to stop him. He grabbed the broken glass and I felt the sharp pain as it cut my arms and my legs and then my face. My blood ran just as fast as he cut.

He took one last cut across my neck.

Blue. That’s all I see. The calm Heaven horizon and the eyes of my grandparents. I’m safe now. I look below and see the waves of the ocean and the clouds moving slowly. I hear the songs of the birds. I feel the warmth of the sun.

There’s everything here. There’s everyone. They know me.

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