Lost in Sea of Life

December 20, 2007
By Pearl Xiao, Ypsilanti, MI

I winded through the halls of my school, constant echoes in my head. Distant voices, calling out my name. I feel lost and confused. Like I'm in a world that I don't belong in. No one sees me. I don't exist to them. I'm like an atom, a particle in thin air. I don't belong.

The past few weeks were like a distant dream to me. I find myself day dreaming more and more these days. I don't want to go crazy. And I feel like tearing up inside. SCREAMING!!! And shouting to those who abandoned me. Who cascade over me. 'HOW DARE YOU? I'M HUMAN, TOO!', but I didn't. I knew it wasn't their fault that I was different. They ignore me, but I knew that it wasn't their fault that they don't know any better.

I don't know why. Or when. I think it all started when I suddenly realized that life isn't perfect: when it finally hit me in the face. Life is like a river, always flowing and moving on... you've got to forgive yourself. But most importantly: you've got to forgive others. I, Priscilla Price was always the popular one. I got everything I wanted. A nice boyfriend. Cool people who got my back. I hated innocent people. I tortured them, and spreaded rumors. I disrespected teachers. I just didn't listen. I gossiped, I chose this life for me.

Until one day, a phone call came to me. "Priscilla, your mom is dead. Your dad left out of angst." It wasn't a prank call. It was real. It was reality. It was the merely, most obvious thing. I've lived in happiness, in popularity, when it didn't count for anything at all. I've realized that poularity isn't reality. It's a type of greedy, evil thing that stabs you in the back of your heart. When you have everything, you don't have anything. Life isn't always what you expect it to be. Make the right desisions, before it's too late. Life is jagged and it's easy to take off in the wrong direction. Life is too short to live in hell. I chose greed over innocence. Popularity over happiness. This is what has become of me. A monster. A lonely, monster. It had me hit in the face, stabbed in the back, and poked with millions of needles. What else can I ask for? Life has taken revenge...

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