Inherit the Wind Alternate Ending

December 13, 2011
By efisher27 GOLD, Pittsford, New York
efisher27 GOLD, Pittsford, New York
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He seems so sure. He seems to know what the verdict’s going to be.
Nobody knows. (He Smiles) But, when you’ve been a lawyer for as long as I have you can normally get a pretty good idea of what the jury is thinking.
What are they thinking now?
(In a knowing smile)
I’ve got a pretty good idea, but you never know which way this case could go.
(Camera Pans to the Mayor and the Judge)
The wire just came in. The boys over at the state capitol are getting worried about how things are going. November ain’t too far off and it won’t do us any good getting our voters all steamed up. Wouldn’t do any harm just to let things simmer down.
(The judge looks on as if torn by a decision)
(With hesitation) Well, the town has been different for the past few days, this trial... Its stir up a lot of trouble and created many more disputes between townspeople. I think we have to remember that Hillsboro isn’t the same town it was a few days back.
Well, just go easy judge and make sure you think everything through.
Everybody rise. (The spectators come to attention) Hear ye, hear ye. Court will reconvene in the case of the state vs. Bertram Cates.
What do you think? Can you tell from their faces?
(Cates looks around for Rachel but she is not present, the disappointment is on his face. Drummond studies each face of the returning jurors carefully none look at him they all look at Brady who is currently clearing his throat preparing for his “Victory”. Drummond smirks and returns attention to the judge who is about to speak. )
Gentlemen of the Jury have you reached a decision?
Yeah. Yes sir. Your Honor.
(Meeker takes a slip of paper from sillers and silently crosses to the judge. All eyes follow the paper. The judge opens it, glances at Cates who looks nervous and Drummond who seems somewhat relieved and raps his gavel.)
The jury’s decision is unanimous. (With some hesitation) Bertram Cates is found not guilty.
( There is a huge reaction in the court room. There are a few boo’s but, mostly applause and “YES”’s. Brady turns around in his chair to look back at the courtroom, with a horrified look on his face, his face turns as red as an apple. Cates smiles the biggest smile he could possibly do and looks over at Drummond who has a knowing smirk on his face. The judge does nothing to control the reaction of the court.)
And Hillsboro joins the rest of us, in the roaring twenties!
Your Honor! There must be a mistake-
The decision is final Colonel Brady. No exceptions. The court is adjourned.
Wait, people of Hillsboro please! (Frantic) I have something to say, I prepared a speech to express my sorrow towards the verdict. We must make a change.
(Some die hard Brady fans stop and listen. But, many mill about, chat with friends and move outdoors for some relief from the heat. )
People, please you must hear what I have to say, it’s very important!
(The judge shakes his head, and exits the court room along with all the others. Few remain the the court room)
Radio Man
(speaking into the microphone) I’m here where Colonel Brady is about to make a speech. (Colonel Brady Begins.) Ok folks that’s it, this is Harry Y. Ester returning you to “Matinee Musical”. (The Radio Man begins to pack up his equipment.)
Uh, Uh yeah so Justice must be served and uhm…. (Brady begins to go into tunnel vision and falls forward suddenly off the stage. Mrs. Brady screams. People Rush in and crowd around Brady many people continue to exit, with no care for what has just occurred. Mrs. Brady continues to scream and cry. Some men pick up Brady with some trouble and Carry him out of the room. )
(While carrying him Brady begins to mumble words) Mr. Chief Justice, citizens of these United States. During my term at the white house, I pledge to carry out my program for the betterment of the common people of this country. As your president I say what I have said all my life… (His lips stop moving and he goes silent many look on awed by what has been said.)
Wow, I really do have a lot of respect for that man; it must be terrible to run for president 3 times and fail every time, I can’t imagine what he has gone through…
He’s all right give him an hour or two
Soon enough he will be back
Mount Brady will erupt again
Spouting lukewarm fire and irrelevant ashes
I just can’t believe it. In a town a town full of creationists and people against the teaching of evolution how could I be found not guilty?
The truth came out; everyone was granted a right to think. For the first time, the questioned their own beliefs and you became more relatable.
(Returns with a sorrow face)
Brady is dead…
Why should we cry for him!
We all know what we thought of him
He was irrelevant and self-centered
Stuck in his ways like I’m stuck in mine
Only my ways are right
Why should we weep for a man that cried enough to flood the while nation
You smart-aleck! You have no more right to spit on his religion than you do on mine or my lack of it! There was much greatness in this man, and everyone knows it. (Quietly) “He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind: and the fool shall be the servant to the wise in heart”
(Hornbeck looks at Drummond astonished)
We’re growing an odd crop of agnostics this year!
I’m getting damn tired of you. You are ignorant and rude! I’m sorry but I refuse to forget about the accomplishments of a great man.
Wow, I thought you were smarter than this
God the world is poisoned with kindness
You are a hypocrite
You were more religious then he was
My oh my what this world has come to
I’ve never met an atheist who believes in God!
(Cates and Hornbeck exit. Drummond looks around the court room relieving the past few days. He picks up the bible and he picks up the book on evolution, He smiles and chuckles to himself thinking how much trouble these two little books caused in the small town of Hillsboro and how this trial would make the history books. He snaps out of his day dream and looks back down at the books and places them back down on the table, side by side and equals, leaving them in the place where they both caused the biggest debate in history.)

The author's comments:
This is an alternate ending of the play Inherit the Wind. I wrote it just for fun because i like to play around with the story and manipulate it. So enjoy and let me know what you think.

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