You and Me

December 20, 2007
By Joseph Armijo, Henderson, NV

c’mon. Let’s leave the grid. Let’s live off the grid. Let’s run to our heart’s content. Then we will run in the desert. Let’s make a move. And another. And another. A rondo, dance to the gods. We’ll create a beautiful dance, you and I. A ballad in the badlands. Let’s leave society. Let’s dance in the desert. Around the bush with toxic thorns and poisonous fruit. Let’s be happy and make each other happy by dancing a beautiful, elegant dance. Filled with twists and turns. Let’s jump off if high rocks and cliffs. So if we die, we die together. So we can see each other in limbo. So we can spend an eternity, spitting lies at each other that will happily carry us into our golden years. Let’s hear a beautiful song, a sonata as you are blinded by my shattered dreams as I am happy. As I am elegantly flailing in the wind. So let’s live off the grid, and dance the ballad in the badlands.

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