December 2, 2011
By JonathanW. BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
JonathanW. BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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This room envelopes my body and soul in a grasp of emotions that is unparallel to any place in the world. My senses are alert; I notice everything about my surroundings, every detail, insignificant or otherwise, cannot my ever watching gaze. As my feet stroke the supple fibers of the fluffy cloud like covering that is spread across floor in all directions, my gaze falls upon the bright rays of light that reach toward my face, granting me warmth. Floor to ceiling windows bring in the natural light making it accentuate the color and bubble like texture of the sand walls in incredible ways, which allows the interior to blend seamlessly with the exterior. I close my eyes for a moment and breathe, taking in the calming effect this room has on me. I look around to make sure nothing has been altered or has been stirred, even though this room is shared, I solely take possession of it, and it actually distresses me when I see something is out of place.

I rub my hands over the cool smooth green leather throne that expresses natural nobility. Even though it is older than me, it has improved in appearance as the years passed. It is well-built, flexible and it has molded to my body to offer the maximum relaxation, as if it was hugging me. This is beyond doubt my place of comfort. I continue to gaze around the room, with a feeling of complete peace and awe. This room is full of earth tone colors that saturate the mind and welcomes me, from the laughing green of meadows, the soothing tan of sand, to the pulsating red of running blood, and even the everlasting black of the void the colors that surround my mind and invigorate me. While the room is really large, open and airy, it still manages to feel really intimate, cozy, and warm, always alluring.

As I stand in this room I am brilliant, untouchable, creative, and highly aware. For me this room embodies so much sensation and capability, that at times all of these feelings are hard to contain. Everything in here is makes me euphoric, a mind blowing 7.1 Dolby surround sound which has a dual bass response front, center and surround speakers that supplies an extraordinary soundstage with 130 watts of output each, plus a blow your house down 230W powered subwoofer for a deep impact, that can figuratively, maybe literally blow the roof off its hinges, a 55” flat screen Samsung LED TV with the highest 240Hz motion blur reduction technology, with the most effervescent colors you have seen, the colors seem to jump out at me making me want to reach out and touch them. There is also a machine that allows me to live vicariously and escape to another country, planet or galaxy, one of my most cherished possessions, the Xbox 360. All in cased in a state of the art black media storage center. Turning around in my throne, I also notice the immaculate pool table that encompasses most of the room. Often times I will turn away from my valued possession to play on my pool table. I absolutely love my pool table and how it was meticulously crafted with the finest of wood. Nothing is like making angle shots and sinking the hope of my opponents will to win into a fiery pit. This room is truly the best place in the world, my refuge, my sanctuary. Every person needs and should have a place to call their own, a place of ultimate serenity and enlightenment.
Time in this room moves in a unusual way, as I pick up my wooden sticks, it’s as if time stops, my senses heighten and I can feel the power of each stroke of the drum and I’m literally in a zone. I am completely immersed; oblivious to everything, except the resonating boom of my double bass pedals on my bass, the enlightening fills on the toms, the high and low pitch tones from the crash cymbals, and the sharp rhythm of the snare. Everything becomes surreal and it is just the sound of the music and my drums emanating through my entire domain. I totally lose myself to the beats and rhythms that I create. When I am in this room drumming, time seems to stop. I feel as if I’m floating in air, with no desire to put my feet back on the ground. When I’m in the dreamlike state there is no grass to cut, or leaves to pick up or garbage to take out, or tests to study for. All of my responsibilities are put on hold and everything ceases to exist, with the exception of this room and my drums. This is my time, just for me, if truth be told it feels like an out of body experience.

On the flip side, time can progress fairly quickly here as well. I don’t come to this room as often as I would like. I usually only come on the weekends and it feels as if I never have enough time. The energy flow in the room is rapidly moving, giving my space an elevating, refreshing aura that can only be categorized as beneficial to my well being. This room completely soothes my spirit, I feel connected to the universe itself on a higher plane, my “mini vacation,” giving off a sense of security and peace. It is my domain of creative development. There is nothing more tranquil or serene than the embracing comfort of the green leather couch as I sink into its wonderful delightfulness. In this designated area, I feel in total control of my surroundings. Many times I will even drift into deep sleep while resting on my throne as time slowly zooms by while I’m in the dream world.

The finest riches in the universe would never be able to replace this room and the memories that it gives. There has been so much joy, sadness, triumph, and other mixed emotions that make this sacred place comparable to heaven on earth. This is an exclusive place for me to unwind, to contemplate on life, or just to relax and enjoy time and space.

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