Becoming Rich

December 20, 2007
By Jessica Brown, Peru, KS

Becoming rich is an ambition that most people in the U.S. strive to reach. Many Americans have come up with brilliant ideas on how to become rich. Some of the most popular ones in the recent past have been Dippin’ Dots, the pellets of frozen ice cream, or the computer with the World Wide Web. Both are very unique and useful in their own ways. Nowadays, you can even win big in the lottery. But some people come up with their own ideas that suit them just fine. Take Candy Apples for instance. She just recently made her on millionth dollar selling flip-flops.

Candy has always had a passion for the shoes. She always has a pair of flip-flops on no matter what she is wearing that day. She received her first pair of flip-flops when she was 2 years old. At that time her family lived in California and all she ever really had to wear shoe-wise was flip-flops.

Every year Candy saved up her birthday, Christmas, and other money so she could go buy more flip-flops. She would get on the internet and use her parents’ credit cards and just give them the money. By the time she was 5, she had already purchased over 200 pairs. She even had to build another closet in her room to accommodate all of her shoes.

That closet though, soon went to waste. Her family decided to move to Colorado when she was 6 and this devastated her severely. She was so scared that she wouldn’t be able to wear her shoes everyday anymore. After al she had worked to save up enough money to buy all of them. She decided to go ahead and wear them everyday in spite of the cold weather. Her parents thought she was crazy, but they kept didn’t say anything to her because they knew how much she loved her shoes.

Candy had a hard time adjusting to her new school because everyone kept making fun of her for her shoes. They teased her and called her names. She came home one day after school crying, but her parents told her to find a way to make them love her shoes just as much as she did.

When she was 7 years old, Candy decided to start making and selling her own shoes. She had almost purchased every pair in all of the popular stores, so why not make and share them with other people. She made all sorts of designs, colors, and patterns. She decorated them with glitter, rhinestones, ribbons, and anything else that looked good on the shoes. She loved her creations so much that she wore a different pair everyday, no matter what. Pretty soon she was the talk of the school, in a good way.

Everyone at her school began to notice the new girl’s shoes and wonder where she got them. They were all astonished when she told them she had made them herself. Everybody wanted a pair. The demand for her styles was so great that she had to start making pairs for the guys too. Once everybody, teachers included, in her school had a pair she moved on to the high school. She would go over to the high school during her recess and sell her flip-flops to the students. Everyone loved how comfortable her shoes are and how easy they are to clean.
You see, Candy makes her shoes and assembles the pieces together herself. Keeping true to her namesake, she uses a little bit of candy in her shoes. She makes flip-flops out of memory foam and marshmallows for the body of the shoe. For the sole she used a mix of white rubber and flecks of food coloring. For the straps she used a plastic coated licorice strips in a variety of colors. And when the body of the shoe becomes hard all you have to do is put it in the microwave for abut 10-15 seconds and the body will be soft and fluffy again.

Candy is now 20 years old and running her own shop. Her parents bought her her very own store for her 18th birthday and helped her get it up and running. She calls the store Candy’s Closet. She is beginning to venture into making jewelry and handbags. She also has an online store and a mail-order magazine for customers who can’t shop in the store. She is an up and coming entrepreneur and has entries in all sorts of fashion shows. She has met with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry and continues to make a name for herself. Candy has become very successful in the past few years and I expect to see more come from this ambitious woman in the next decade.

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