Love Forever

December 1, 2011
By LucyLu98 BRONZE, Santaquin, Utah
LucyLu98 BRONZE, Santaquin, Utah
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I moved into a brand new house. I didn’t like my other house so much because all of my friends were super mean. I want a friend that likes to do what I like to do. My name is Bobby and one day I was walking into the woods and found a dead body. On top of its chest there was a note that said “Please take care of my hand and find my lover.”

I ran home and told my mom but she thought I was losing my mind. The next day I went up to the mountains again and the body was gone. I heard a rustling in the leaves and went to go check it out. “Aghhh” I yelled because a hand popped up and landed on my face. After I calmed down I was examining the had and found a ring.

The ring said “Love Forever, Michael and Claire.” I went back to his house and didn’t tell my mom anything that happened. I took the hand up to his room, but on his way up he saw the newspaper and saw that a married couple were on their honeymoon in the mountains and had a car crash. The husband lived but the wife didn’t because she wasn’t wearing her seat belt. But when he was that the their names were “Michael and Claire” he noticed that the rings said that too.

Bobby ran upstairs and told the hand everything that he found in the newspaper. Claire was pointing at Michael and Bobby understood that she wanted to find him. He got on his computer and located Michael. Michael was living in Park City but Bobby was in Santaquin and knew he had to do the right thing and travel to Park City and re-unit the married couple.

That night he packed all the stuff he needed and ran away from home. He took the bus and it only got him halfway to where he wanted to go. On his way there he was asking Claire’s hand yes or no questions to help Bobby understand what exactly happened. When they got to their destination they were almost close to Salt Lake. He was walking and saw some police. The police said “Hey, where are your parents little boy?” He didn’t know what to say so he ran for his dear life.

He ran behind a trash can and waited for the police to leave so they wouldn’t find Bobby and Claire. They stayed at a hotel pretty close to Park City. The next day they headed out and Claire told Bobby how to contact Michael. He started dialing and just quickly said “meet me at Burger King behind the garbage can at 3:35 p.m.”

It was 3:20 so Bobby had to meet up with him pretty quickly. At 3:35 Michael and Bobby were both at Burger King. Bobby started telling Michael the whole story. Michael was so grateful he gave Bobby $1,000 and he went back home. His parents were worried sick about him but they were glad he was home safe and sound. Michael connected the wedding rings together and Claire’s body re-appeared and they lived Happily Ever After!

The author's comments:
i did this for a writing assignment

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