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December 1, 2011
By Anonymous

Ever since first grade, I have wanted to become a teacher. Over time I have figured out that I love math. So then I wanted to teach math. I have had the best math teachers over the years and they all seemed to love their jobs. Seeing all these people doing what I liked to do got me thinking that I would probably love this career. Then as I grew up I realized that I, more specifically, liked graphing and architecture. I shared a room with my brothers when I was younger so I loved to move around the furniture and find out all the combinations of things I could do. My favorite thing to do was trying to find ways to block myself into my own little area. I would do this by arranging the dressers in a certain way to block my bed from the sight of my brothers things. Forming what I’d always wanted, a room to myself. I drew up so many different ways and I loved using my math skills to make it all work out. Now I’m looking into the pros and cons of being an architect or interior designer instead of a math teacher. I think it may be better for me because I grew up building things, I can see my physical work, and I can do what I love.
I grew up always being outside. The best way I learn is by using my hands. Just telling me that something will happen is not as effective as seeing the cause and effect. We have had a sandbox in our backyard for as long as I can remember. My brothers go and play in it any chance they get; I also liked to go in it and build things too. We would find extra wood and make our own miniature cities. I would find a way to make the best looking house I could think of. As I look back, I realize that this is how I got some of my inspiration to design buildings. Teaching also took a role in this because I would teach my brothers how to improve their houses and buildings so they wouldn't fall over. No matter how many times they got mad at me for bossing them around, I would still find any way to teach.
Architecture is a great field to work in because I can see my work as I’m walking down the street. When I get done designing a building and it’s put up, I can see the businesses and houses filling up with people using my designs. By using the skills I have, I can see what needs to be put in and taken out to make my designs the best possible structure they can be. I would rather see physical work than just having a couple smart students to show what I’ve done. If I were to become a teacher there would not be any physical evidence of what I’m working on day to day.
Even though I am only fourteen years old, I know what I like to do and what I don't like. For example, I know that I love to use graph paper for just about anything. That may sound funny but I like to measure things out and cut out shapes or make the outsides of a room or house. Then I like moving the furniture or rooms within the area to make it all work out. My house has been an ongoing construction zone for a long time! We have just completed remodeling the whole main floor and basement. I loved tearing things apart and finding the best way to put it all back. It was fun thinking about all the different possibilities we could do. Also, I was the one who got to paint all the walls and do all the decorating. That was my favorite part of the whole job. If I were to become a teacher I could decorate my room, but that would be it. Also, the main part of being a teacher is getting up in front of the class and teaching them. Speaking is one of the things I don’t like to do so much so that might cause a dilemma in my teaching career.
I hope that doing things hands on, seeing things in front of me, and doing what I love will give me the perfect career when I get older. Now instead of being a school teacher, I think I would rather be in architect or interior designer. I think I will be happier doing what I like to do all around. So even though I had my mind made up for over eight years, after I put all my strengths and weaknesses together, I found that I needed a different career choice.

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