The Magician

December 1, 2011
There was a kid that was an Egyptian Magician. He was trained in combat magic. His weapons are a staff that shoots out the four elements and a sword that is curved at the top and it is call a Khopesh. The kid name is Riddle; he started magic when he was 15. Riddle has been training for two years now. His parents were magicians also his parents are now dead. You are asking your self how they died. I will now tell you. They died in an explosion at a museum. They were trying to bring back the five children of Nut and Geb.
Nut wanted to have kids so she went to Geb the earth god and told him she wanted to have children. Ra the god of the sun heard this and remembers that a child of Nut will try to take the throne from him. So Ra made hit so she couldn’t have children on any day of the year. So Nut went to the moon god Khun to get moonlight. Nut won five time’s so she adds five days on to the year. These five children were born on the demon days of the year. These demon days are the last five days in the year. The five children of nut are Osiris, Horus, Set, Isis, and Nephtys.
Riddle wants to try and bring back the five gods the same way his parents did throw a relic. The house of life told him it is very dangerous and said he wouldn’t be able to control all five gods. Riddle said he wouldn’t be doing this alone. Riddle has been training four other kids that want the old ways back.

The first trainee name is Ash he wants to control Set the god of evil. The second trainee name is Megan she wants to control Isis the god of rainbow. The third trainee name is Tommy he wants to control the power of Osiris. The fourth trainee name is blare she wants to control the power of Nephtys. Riddle wants to control the power of Horus. All five of the kids are godlings and have grown up around magic. They are all the same age and want the same thing to happen.

Riddle told ever one that they should wear the god’s amulet to let the god know which person to go to. They also need to train the god’s special power. Blare was in the library studying how to control fire and water at the same time. Then out of nowhere there was a big explosion. Blare fell over and was covered in dust when she got up. When she got up she saw a three headed dragon that was black and gold. She yelled for help and the other four came rushing to see what had happened. Riddle saw the dragon and told everybody to get ride to battle. Riddle summoned his sword and ran to the dragon to attack it. The middle head lung at Riddle and stared to breathe fire. Riddle saw this and deiced to lung up in to the air and toke his sword and silence the middle dragon head. The other two heads lung at Riddle. Blare summoned her staff and shoots a water ball at the left head dragon. The dragon head turned to ash. The water was part acid in it. The right head dragon was so stunned that it didn’t noticed the fire ball shooting at it. The last dragon head was now dead. Riddle was so happy that ever on was ok.

The week before the big day everybody was so nervous. Tommy was studying some of the powers Osiris has that he forgot what time it was. When Riddle found Tommy the next morning lying on the couch he got worried that everybody war so nervous. So Riddle called a meeting to tell everybody not to be nervous and to try to stay claim. So everybody took Riddle seriously and then went about there busy. The day has final come for them to summon the five gods. The all meat on top of the house so the can teleport to the museum. Riddle said the magic word and the teleport open up and the all jump throw. When then got out of the teleport then were in New York museum. The relic is in the middle of the Egypt part of the museum. When the found the relic Riddle took out his wand and started to draw some words in ancient Egyptian writing. The words stared to glow and a big blast shock the whole room and al the Kids were knock to the floor.

To be contained

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