The Tale of Mr. Cody

December 1, 2011
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This tale is not one of smarts
For this man had a lot of brain farts.
We were on a bus
Where he was making a big fuss.
He and I were going to the next bus stop
To get a new mop.
In my house, there was mud on the floor he had dropped
That is why I needed the mop.
Mr. Cody was a goofy looking man
He had a very dark tan.
He also wore a suit that looked cheap
Maybe he got dressed in a heap?
At our stop we got off the bus
I looked at him in mistrust.
If he was going to flee
This was his chance to be free.
I grabbed his arm and began to walk
This is when he began to squawk.
‘Shut it’ I said ‘this is your fault’
When we got to the store, I came to a halt.
I suppose before I go on, I should tell you my tale
And I promise it won’t be stale.
The tale
My tale begins in a time of relaxation
When a door knock broke my concentration.
I opened the door to see Mr. Cody in front of me.
‘Go away’ I said ‘I don’t want what you have. Please leave me be.’
He looked at me with blank eyes
I could tell he wasn’t wise.
‘Please ma’am, may I come in?’
He gave me a grin.
I looked him over to see a bottle of cleaner and a bucket of mud
‘Whoa,’ I said ‘get away with that crud.’
‘Ma’am, my name is Mr. Cody and I’d like to show you how clean you house could be.’
Before I could say no he push his way in
Maybe I should have kicked him in the shin.
When he walked through the door, he tripped
And his bucket of mud flipped.
It hit the floor with a great big splat
‘Clean this up!’ I yelled at him and began to poke at.
Mr. Cody fell to the floor and began to use his cleaning spay
If it wasn’t clean soon, Mr. Cody would pay.
He scrubbed and scrubbed but the mud was being pushed around
My face was as red as the nose of a clown.
This when I knew we needed to go to the store
For something I wasn’t going to pay for.
‘’get up you dope,’
‘We need a mop and some soap.’
He looked up and was unhappy with me
‘Woman, I don’t have time for a shopping spree.’
‘If you didn’t drop your mud,
You wouldn’t have this problem would you bud?’
I got to the door and opened it
Mr. Cody was on my list of things to hit.
With Mr. Cody in tow
I was ready to blow.
Our trip to the store was like I said
And I already lost my head.
On our way back he still fussed
Duck tape at this moment was a must.
We got back to my home and I handed him the mop
So he could clean the mud he dropped.
Once he finished he look at me
I wished he’d leave so I could be free.
He stuck he hand out looking for money
And that was the end of him honey.
For you see kiddies take it from me
A Mr. Cody is not what you want to be.
He had a habit of stirring the pot
Now in my back yard his body will rot.

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