December 1, 2011
By FlyingSparrow BRONZE, Happy Valley, Oregon
FlyingSparrow BRONZE, Happy Valley, Oregon
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The most real things in the world, are the things we can't see.

“Promise me you’ll keep dancing, no matter what happens to me.” The memory quietly faded as the hot tears rolled down her cheeks. “Ugh! Why?! Why’d you leave me?! I needed you!” Autumn-Mei took her anger out on anything and everything in her path, destroying the peaceful nature as she went. Her hands were bleeding not only from the cold wind that whipped through the Oregon Mountains, but from pain she endured as she repeatedly lashed out on the trees around her. Her eyes had still not adjusted to the darkness of the forest but that did not stop her. She had to get away the moment it dawned on her, he was gone. Forever. His precious life slipped away from her hands and only memories were left. The only possible solution is to run. Maybe she could outrun it all, everything, this Amish life, her Pa, the community, the forbidden dancing even. The thought slowly crept through her veins, until all she could feel was the soft ground beneath her. The tangled forest ground was no match for the sandy shore she once held a secret from everyone but him. To even think his name was too much of a burden for the fragile broken heart of a girl. Autumn-Mei slowly lifted her eyes to the sunset beach as her brain took in the scene of fallen trees, rotting sea-weed, and not even mentioning the dead fish. That storm was a once in a life time experience, it had taken more than just a few trees and leaves, but it had taken the most dearest thing to her on this forsaken planet in a matter of minutes.

The author's comments:
Started out as a simple essay. What inspired me was the loss of a loved one and the new beginnings in life. Particularly, "The Shunning" .

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