The Essence of summer

December 19, 2007
By Caitlin Willson, Bellingham, WA

Swinging back and forth. Like the pendulum of a clock. Laughing with my hair flowing behind me like stream of melted gold I throw my head back and look up through the leaves. The maple above me is strong and steady, the light from the sun shining through them making a collage of different shades of green pasted to the sky. The hard blue sky. It only looked two-dimensional. Almost like cardboard drenched in blue. The dark evergreens framing the sky. As if trying to reach the heavens. The wooden seat cut into a hexagon. It isn’t symmetrical but roughly cut. As it made in a hurry. My hands grip the rope. The thick red rope. Burned on the end by my brother so it wouldn’t fray. A truly wonderful summer day.

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