The Flying Mermaid

December 19, 2007
By Angela Lanz, Aberdeen, SD

-Chapter One-
*No Time to Waste*

It was dark. So dark that she could hardly see. Her tail flapped in the wind as she flew above the ocean. Water splashed at her face. She was getting cold and needed some warmth. Rising high into the sky, she dove into the surface of the water.

Rachel swam deeper and deeper into the refreshing water. Her wings were folded in to her body so that they stayed warm. She passed sharks chasing after fish, and whales caring for their young, and crabs snoozing amongst the reefs.

It was a long time until Rachel had found a village where she could rest. The merpeople were all staring at her. It was strange that a mermaid with wings appeared so far from their homeland. Rachel swam to the town center, where the chief was sitting on a throne like chair made out of a whale's mouth.

He had a necklace of bloody shark teeth and a bracelet of what appeared to be a mixture of crab and lobster claws. His hair, filthy white, was streaming in front of his white eyes and his tunic looked as if it was made of moss. Rachel swam cautiously up to him. She bowed and spoke to him in a voice of deepest respect.

"Your chiefness. I have come a long way and I would like it very much if I could stay the night," she asked. "I will be on my way tomorrow, sir."

Rachel didn't dare look up at him. She was determined to show that she had nothing but respect for the man before him. There were tails swishing all around her as she waited for his answer.

"What is your name," he asked.

"Rachel, sir, Rachel Cansatie," she responded.

There were mutterings and whispers all around her. 'Do they know something,' thought Rachel. 'Do they know something about my father?'

"Rachel Cansatie," said the chief. "You may stay for the night, but only the night. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir, I understand completely, sir," she told him.

"Follow me," whispered an old woman. "I shall take you to your lodgings.

She bowed to the chief once more and followed the woman. She took Rachel to the very outskirts of the village where stood a tiny stone shack with seaweed for a door.

"Thank you ma'am," she said as she bowed to the woman. Rachel turned to enter the shack when the woman grabbed her arm.

"Be careful, my dear. I knew your father," whispered the woman. "He stayed in the village every now and then as he traveled. But he was chased away by a hunter. This hunter lives at the very bottom of the sea and hunts merpeople, flying merpeople. Be careful."

With nothing more said, she swam back to the main village. Rachel pondered on what she had said. 'If it is true,' she thought, 'then I must leave here before the rest wake up.'

Rachel entered the shack and sat down on the bed of moss. She put her head down on the pillow of seaweed and pulled the seaweed covers over herself as her stomach growled in hunger.

It made no difference, for she couldn't sleep. Her father had been in this village. But when? Rachel put her hand under her pillow and felt something. She pulled it out and stared at it.

The item was made of light stone and was about and inch thick. 'Merpeople use this kind of stone for portraits,' thought Rachel. She tuned the stone over and let out a gasp of surprise. There was her father, his right arm around his wife and his left hand upon his daughter, Rachel.

Rachel stared at the portrait. She remembered when her parents decided to get this done. It was a few months ago. Her father had to have been here about two weeks prior to Rachel's arrival.

She got out of the bed. Now was the time for her to go. No longer was she tired. No longer was she hungry. No longer was she going to waste time. The search for her father must continue and never stop until he is found.

Rachel looked under the bed and found a bag. There was a name on the cover. 'Jake,' she pondered. Her father's name wasn't Jake, it was Samuel. She opened the bag and found enough food for a few more weeks. Rachel put the portrait into the bag and closed it.

She placed it around her self. It fit perfectly, as if it was made for a flying mermaid. Rachel swam out of the shack. She stared around, hoping that she would not be seen leaving this place. Rachel was lucky, for it was too dark for anyone to see her from a distance.

She swam up to the surface and flew into the air. The moon was behind some dark clouds. She flew on, staring into the water for any dark shapes that might be a danger to her. Once or twice, she thought she saw something but it turned out to be a log or some rocky reefs.

Rachel's wings started to shiver. The wind was like daggers on her membranes. She decided that it was time to swim to keep her wings from icing over. Rachel dove into the water but stayed close to the surface.

Her eyelids started to droop. She was so tired. But she mustn’t sleep. Her father could be in trouble. Rachel jerked her eyes open, trying hard not to let them fall


Rachel was flying through the clouds, each of them a different shape. She decided that it was time to dive into the sea again. So she let herself fall into the ocean, her wings folded up against her body. The water was cool and refreshing on her body.

Rachel was going deeper and deeper into the water. She was much too deep now. That old woman had told her not to go this deep. But just as she was about to turn around, Rachel heard a cry for help. The cry was distant and it seemed to be coming from the deeper part of the ocean.

What was she to do? She couldn't leave that poor soul in the dark. Rachel started to swim as fast as she could. She tried with all of her might to enter the darkness too, but every time she got close, it slipped away from her.

The cries had now turned into screams of pain. Who ever it was, was getting tortured. She had to reach the bottom. They needed help. And, finally, she made it through the darkness.

She swam as fast as she could towards the screams. Rachel screamed as she came upon scene. Her father was the one being tortured. Rachel couldn't move. She was petrified with fear.


Rachel was shaken awake by a mermaid. And not just any mermaid, another flying mermaid. She was shivering on top of a very comfortable bed.

"Are you alright, my dear," whispered the woman. She had flowing blonde hair and brilliant blue eyes.

"I...I think so," she told her. Rachel tried to sit up but the woman pushed her back onto the soft fuzzy pillows.

"You should rest here for a while," she responded. "My name is
Sandra Balla. You are quite lucky my son was out side or he wouldn't have seen you floating in the water. He was very happy to have his bag back though. Jake found a portrait inside that he assumed belonged to you."

She pointed to Rachel's right. When Rachel looked, there was her family portrait sitting on top. "Thank you, so much, for you hospitality. But I really must be going now," Rachel said, getting into a sitting position. "I have to find my father."

Sandra looked at her with concern. "I really think that you should spend the night. Just the night, you still look fairly tired," she responded.

Rachel thought for a bit. She did feel tired, so what harm could it do? She nodded and sank back onto her fluffy pillows. Sandra smiled.

"There now," she said. "I will let you rest. Then I shall come and check on you around midday and see if you are hungry." She left as Rachel started to close her eyes and she fell asleep with out even knowing it.

-Chapter Two-
*An Old School Friend*

Rachel awoke and found a young man sitting beside her. When he noticed that she was awake, he lifted up a tray full of food.

"Mum said that she thought you might be hungry," said the boy. "My name's Jake. Thank you for finding my backpack." He set the tray of food on Rachel's lap as she sat up.

"Thank you, Jake. My name's Rachel, Rachel Cansatie," she told him. He looked handsome with his curtain of black hair and his stunning green eyes. His blue scales shimmered as he moved. He couldn't be much older then Rachel.

"You're welcome, Rachel Cansatie," Jake responded. He smiled at her with his perfect teeth. Rachel couldn't help but to smile back. "How old are you," he asked as Rachel started to eat.

Rachel considered him for a moment, and said, “I’ll be seventeen in a few weeks. How old are you?"

"Seventeen," responded Jake with another flash of his teeth. "My mum told me that you are trying to find your father."

Rachel swallowed her fish before answering him. "Yes, he's been missing for quite some time. I left our home to go looking for him. I have no idea where he is, but I do know where he was going. He was to arrive in Sidney about a month ago, but they sent word to us that he never showed up."

Rachel was staring down at her food as tears slid down her cheeks from her dark blue eyes. Jake wiped them away from her face with a finger. He lifted her face so that he could stare into her eyes. Jake gave Rachel a hug and Rachel hugged him back.

The door banged open and Rachel and Jake broke apart. Standing in the doorway was Sandra Balla and a hefty looking man with short black hair, receding some what, and hazel eyes. Mrs. Balla was staring at her son with a stern look upon her face.

The man however simply said, "So this is the young lady that brought Jake's bag back. I am Jason Balla, Jake's father." He looked familiar. As if Rachel had seen him before, but only in a picture. Who was this man?
"I'm Rachel Cansatie, and I thank you for your hospitality Mr. Balla. It really means-"

"What were you doing, sleeping on the ocean surface," asked Mr. Balla. "It seams very odd that you would just happen to be floating along with my son's bag."

"I’ve been looking for my father for the past month. I was resting in a village a few miles below sea level when I decided that I must continue my search for my father," Rachel paused, "after I found our family photo under my pillow at the shack that I was staying in."

There was a long pause before Mr. Balla stated, "Well, you sure do look like Samuel's kid, but your eyes are different from his."

"You know my father," Rachel asked, getting out of the bed so suddenly that Mrs. Balla looked alarmed, but Rachel ignored her.

"Yes, I do. We were friends during our school days. That's before I decided to explore the seas and the skies," he explained. "Your father and I ran into each other, literally, when I decided to fly and he decided to swim. We were both surprised to see each other again so I invited him to join me and my wife for dinner that night."

"That's when I told him of my own travels and how I met Sandra. She was about to have Jake at that time," Mr. Balla took a break and looked at the photo now sitting on the table next to the bed. He sighed and continued in his story, "Samuel told me all about his wife and soon to be child. He said that he was on his way home when we bumped into each other. The next day, he left."

Rachel glanced at the photo and asked, “Have you seen my father lately?"

He sighed again and answered, "I only had a brief glimpse of him flying north towards Africa. He was going by so fast that I didn't even have time to shout a 'hello' to him. It looked as if Sam was being chased by something."

Mrs. Balla must have seen the look of horror on Rachel's face, because she whispered, "Are you alright, dear? Did you get enough to eat, enough rest?"

Rachel swallowed and answered her in a shaky voice, "Yeah, yeah I'm.....I'm fine." Rachel wasn't fine. She was worried about her father.

-Chapter Three-

Dinner was a subdued affair as Rachel told the Balla's about the hunger. She told them of her fears that her father was being hunted and about the nightmare. After she finished, Jason and Sandra discussed the hunter and weather or not it was safe for Rachel to search for her father alone.

Rachel ignored this part of the conversation as tears leaked from her eyes. Jake took hold of Rachel's hand and she looked up to meet his eyes. He wrapped his arm around Rachel's shoulders and held her close. She could feel her heart beat in time with Jake's. Rachel's tears dripped onto his bare chest as Jake kissed her forehead.

"Well one thing is for sure," said Mr. Balla loudly. "We can't allow Rachel to go alone. Sam would kill me if he knew."

Rachel looked up at him. "This hunter hunts flying merpeople. I don't want to put you in danger," she stated.

"I'm not about the let my best friend’s daughter to go chasing after some monster alone," Mr. Balla said forcefully. "That's why I am going with you."

"Me too," responded Jake.

His mother looked appalled, however his father said, "Look, Jake. I know you want to come with, but it's just too dangerous."

"I don't care. I'm going with, dad," stated Jake. He was staring determinedly at his father.

"Enough, Jacob," yelled Mrs. Balla. "You are a boy, much too young to-"

"I AM NOT A BOY," screamed Jake. "I'm seventeen years old. Old enough to decide what I want." Mrs. Balla looked as if she had been slapped in the face. Jake continued but in a sober voice, "I know you care about me, mum. I know that you would be devastated if I died. But this is something I have to do."

Tears were streaming down Mrs. Balla's face as she stammered, "But...but...Jason, please. Reason with him."

Mr. Balla turned to face his son who's face was set with a look plainly saying 'You can't stop me.' Mr. Balla sighed and responded, "I think he's made up his mind."

"So I take it that I'm supposed to stay here all by myself, worrying about you two," exclaimed Mrs. Balla, her tears falling fast upon her white blouse.

"Of course not," whispered Mr. Balla. "That's why I'm staying here. Jake can take care of himself."

"Mum. I promise that I will be careful," responded Jake. And with a quick look at his father, added, "And make sure that no harm comes to Rachel."

"Fine. But neither of you are leaving until you get a good night sleep," whispered Mrs. Balla. "I will also pack you some food."

"I have another bag that you can use, Rachel," said Mr. Balla. They stood up, took the plates, and went into the kitchen, leaving Rachel and Jake alone together.

"Are you sure you want to go with me," asked Rachel. She looked up into his eyes, waiting for his reply.

"Of course I do," Jake responded. "Nothing is ever going to stop me from going with you." And with that, Jake hugged her.

As Rachel hugged him back, she wondered if they were really going to find her father. 'Dad, please be okay,' she prayed.

-Chapter Four-
*Flying Away*

When Rachel woke the next morning, she felt as if everything that had happened the night before was all a dream. She sat up and stretched her black wings. She felt refreshed as she got out of the bed. She could smell cooking fish and the sweet smell of sea weed salad.

Rachel made her way to the dining room and found Jake and Mr. Balla sitting there. They were looking at what appeared to be a map of the world. When Jake noticed her, he smiled. Rachel sat down across from Jake.

“Good morning, Rachel,” stated Mr. Balla. “I hope you slept well.”

“Yes, I did, sir,” she responded. She studied the map but had no idea where Australia or Africa or even where her home was.

“I thought you might not know much about maps. But not to worry, Jake here knows quite a bit about maps. He will be able to navigate,” said Mr. Balla as he clapped his sons’ shoulders.

Jake smiled as Rachel sat down. Everything seemed to be going the way that it was supposed to. But Rachel couldn’t help but feel as if something was going to go terribly wrong. It was just one of those feelings.

Everything was packed up and ready to go by lunch. Mrs. Balla was still trying to get Jake to stay. Her attempts were fruitless. Tears were steaming down her face.

“Now take care of yourself, okay,” sniffed Mrs. Balla.
“Don’t worry, honey,” stated Mr. Balla. “They are going to be fine. Here. You might need this.” He handed Rachel a pocket knife. “It might come in handy.”

“Thanks, Mr. Balla,” responded Rachel. Mr. Balla gave Rachel a hug.

“Take care. We will see you when you get back,” said Mrs. Balla.

They waved good bye as Jake and Rachel flew off into the distant. Mr. and Mrs. Balla were out of site within ten minutes.

Rachel was thinking of the last time she saw her father. It was during her parents’ anniversary. It was a big party. Everyone was there. Everyone except her father. He had been doing a late order and ran into a human ship. Samuel had to lay low because it was bad enough that a human spots a mermaid, but a flying mermaid would be catastrophic.

“Don’t worry, Rachel,” stated Jake. “We will find him. I promise.”

‘I hope you’re right, Jake,’ she thought. ‘I hope you’re right.’

-Chapter Five-

They flew a couple of hours and then decided to rest on the surface of the water. They just floated around making small talk. Talking about how nice of a day it was and how bright the stars were going to be tonight. Then somehow, the small talk turned into Rachel’s childhood.

“Dad wasn’t around that much,” she told Jake. “But when he was it was a blast. We always played fun games, the ones that he made up were always so creative and enjoyable. We would play games in the air and games in the sea. Mum and Dad would always let me fly around whenever I wanted.”

“Wow. Mum and Dad never let me fly around or anything like that,” responded Jake. “They were always afraid that some human would spot me.”

“I had to be careful and everything,” Rachel said. “Dad taught me how to look for human signs. We lived in the trees of some far off rain forest. It was always easy to spot human signs there. Out hear it’s a bit harder.”

They were splashed in the face by the ocean spray. Slowly, Rachel and Jake were pushed together by the waves. Jake turned his face towards Rachel and she turned her face towards him. There was a glimmer in his eyes and his hair was sparkling at her.

“Rachel,” whispered Jake. “I think I’m falling for you.” With that said, Jake kissed her. He pulled back but Rachel pulled him closer.

“I think I’m falling for you, too,” whispered Rachel. She snuggled up closer to Jake and he held her there. Both wanted this moment to last forever.

But what they didn’t see was the poacher ship that was getting closer and closer as they floated on the surface of the ocean. The waves started to turn them around and Rachel and Jake finally saw the ship. Automatically, both dived into the water. They dove deeper as nets were cast on top of them.

Soon they were so deep beneath the surface that they could no longer see the shining sun above. Rachel was breathing hard as she turned to Jake.

“That was a close one,” stated Jake. “Really close. Are you alright?”

“Yes, I’m fine,” responded Rachel. “We should get go---”


“What was that!?” asked Jake.

“DAD!!” screamed Rachel. She started to swim towards the screaming but Jake grabbed hold of her arm.

“If that’s your dad and he’s screaming like that, we can’t just go rushing over there,” whispered Jake. “Who ever is making him scream like that is probably that monster you were talking about. Don’t you think that he would do the same to us that he is doing to your father?”

Rachel took a deep breath. “You’re right, Jake. So,” she said, “What do we do?”

“I don’t know. We will have to think up of some plan,” responded Jake. “But it will have to be during the dark most likely.”

“Well, we should at least get closer so we can see what’s going on,” whispered Rachel. “That way we can see if it really is my dad.”

“Okay, but quietly,” stated Jake.

Cautiously they swam closer to the screaming. It was starting to get really load and scary. ‘What could that monster be doing to my father?’ Rachel asked of herself.

There was a rock ahead of them. Jake and Rachel swam to the top of it. They peered over the rock and there was the monster. It was a Niver Sung, the last Niver Sung in the world. Rachel ducked back behind the rock. Jake followed.

“Dad told me about that thing,” whispered Rachel. “It’s called a Niver Sung. But this Niver Sung is the last of its kind. It’s the only one alive because it stood back and watched the war of the mermaids and Niver Sungs. The mermaids won. My grandfather was killed in the battle. He was the general of the flying mermaids unit twelve. His brother killed the one that we thought was the last, but it wasn’t.”

Rachel returned her gaze to the Niver Sung. He was standing by a table, when he moved, Rachel could see her father. Jake grabbed onto her arm again.

“Let’s think of a plan first,” stated Jake.

They sway 50 meters from the rock and sat down on the sand below them. Together they tried to think up of a plan to save Rachel’s father. Finally they agreed on one of them.

“I will have to go in alone,” stated Jake. “Tonight.”

“I don’t know about this, Jake,” responded Rachel. “I think we should wait till tomorrow.”
“Your father might not have until tomorrow,” whispered Jake. “It has to be tonight.”

“Okay. Tonight, then,” said Rachel. “But if you’re not back soon, I’m coming after you.”

“Don’t worry,” stated Jake. “I will be back before you know it.”

-Chapter Six-
*The Final Battle*

‘Where is he,’ thought Rachel. Jake had been gone for a few hours. He said he would be back soon. He said that it wouldn’t take so long. ‘I feel as if I am being watched. Could the Niver Sung be near? Could he be watching my every move? I can’t wait anymore. I have to start looking for him.’

Rachel swam around, wondering where Jake was and what was taking him so long. She swam over to the rock and peaked over it. There was her father and Jake was right next to him. He was tied down. Rachel had to save them.

“Please, just let him go,” said Samuel.

Rachel ducked down as the Niver Sung went past her rock. It was too dangerous to watch. The monster would see her. She stayed behind the rock and listened.

“He hasn’t done anything to you,” continued Rachel’s father. “Please, let him go.”

“No! He is a flying mermaid, just like you,” stated the Niver Sung. “He can have the same fate as you. Nothing, short of the hand of Poseidon, will make me let him leave.”

“Please, I beg of you,” pleaded Samuel.

“Your pity begging will do nothing to help,” said the deep voice. “Now you two stay here and behave. I will be back in a few hours. It’s time for me to go hunting.”

Rachel pressed herself against the rock as the creature zipped past her. She took the knife out of her bag as quietly as possible. The monster was gone from sight. Rachel swam out from behind her rock.

“Dad,” Rachel whispered. “Jake. Are you guys okay?”

“Rachel, what are you doing her?” Samuel asked. “You need to get out of her.”

“Not without you two,” she stated.

“Rachel,” Jake said quietly. “I thought I was never going to see you again.”

“Well, I will make sure you see me everyday,” responded Rachel. She started to cut her father away from the seaweed ropes. “Dad, are you strong enough to swim by yourself?”

“Yes,” he said. “Cut Jake down. Quickly.” Rachel swam over to Jake and released him from his seaweed prison.

“Thanks, Rachel,” Jake panted. He would have collapsed to the ground had Rachel not been there to catch him.

“Are you okay? Can you make it?” Rachel asked.

“I…think…so,” he responded, every word seemed to be costing him a great deal of pain. Rachel let him go and he almost fell again. “I’m…fine…Rachel. I can…swim.”

“No, you can’t, Jake,” stated Samuel. “You have been stricken with Goulieasckapox”

“What’s that?” Rachel asked.

“It’s a sickness that makes you loose your scales and wings naturally. It’s not deadly, that’s the good thing,” stated Samuel.

“What’s…the….bad?” Jake gasped.

“It’s very painful,” responded Samuel quietly. “We have to get you out of the water now.”

“Well, let’s go then,” stated Rachel. She put Jake’s arm around her shoulders and started to swim up. Rachel swam for about ten seconds until she realized that her father was not following. “Dad, we have to go.”

“Let me just grab something real quick,” Samuel told his daughter. Rachel waited as he picked up a harpoon. “Just in case.”

Samuel swam up to Rachel and Jake. Jake nodded at the harpoon. What if that Niver Sung came back for them? It would kill them all. No way was a measly harpoon ever going to stop it. It couldn’t, could it? They started to swim towards the surface. Rachel could see the light; they were almost out of danger.

“That was a brave move back there, Rachel,” said Samuel. “Thank you, your mother will be proud.”

“Well it’s too bad that you will never know for sure!” Samuel, Rachel, and Jake turned around to face the monster.

“Swim, Rachel! Take Jake and get out of her!” screamed her father.

“No! I won’t leave without you,” screamed Rachel. She couldn’t leave her father alone with that monster. He had just gotten out of its clutches and now he is going back.

“Rachel, you heard me,” said Samuel. “Now go!”

“Rach…el…lets…go…heh…heh,” gasped Jake.

Rachel swam up to the surface with Jake still wrapped around her shoulders. She flew up into the air, holding Jake. Rachel wanted to go back and help her father. But Jake couldn’t fly by himself.

“Jake!” yelled a voice behind them. Rachel turned them around and there was Jake’s father. “Rachel! Are you two okay? Where’s Samuel?”

“I’m fine but Jake has Golieaska whatever,” responded Rachel. “Dad is still under.”

“What!? No! Not Goulieasckapox!?” screamed Mr. Balla.

“Yes, that. Hold Jake so I can go get my father,” Rachel said quietly.

Mr. Balla flew over to Jake and Rachel. He took Jake around his shoulders as Rachel dove back into the ocean. There was a war going on between her father and the Niver Sung. There had to be some why for Rachel to help.

“HA HA HA!!! You think that you small messily creature could destroy me? It took three times as many of you plus the giant squid to destroy the rest of my kind,” yelled the Niver Sung.

Rachel turned around and there they were. Her father was held in a choke hold by the Niver Sung. The harpoon was sinking away to the bottom of the ocean. Rachel swam as fast as she could to catch it. Her fingers almost slipped on it but the grasped it and held it tight to her body. ‘Now to get it back to Dad before it’s too late,’ thought Rachel.

She swam up to the battle. Her father had gotten out of the choke hold and was read to go at the Niver Sung again. He was breathing hard. It looked as if he couldn’t make it. Rachel swam closer to the Niver Sung. She aimed the harpoon at the monster, pulled back her arm, and, with as much strength that she could muster, Rachel through the harpoon. The Niver Sung’s tail wiped around and caught Rachel in the head. She was knocked out and was heading to the ocean floor.

-Chapter Seven-

“You were very lucky that Rachel was there, Samuel,” whispered a far off voice.

“I know,” said another. “I don’t know what I would have done if she hadn’t of gotten that harpoon.”

“That Niver Sung would have killed you,” said the first voice. “You, Rachel and Jake would all have been dead.”

‘Harpoon, Niver Sung, Jake? What is going on?’ Rachel started to get up. Her head felt heavy and her body felt warm and dry.

“She’s awake!! Jake!! Sandra!! Come here,” some one yelled off to Rachel’s left.

“Rachel, are you okay?” whispered the one on her right.

“Dad?” she asked quietly. “What happened?”

“You saved your father’s life,” responded the voice on the left.

“Mr. Balla? Where’s Jake? Where is he? Is he okay?” asked Rachel.

“Jake is…well, why don’t you ask him yourself?” responded Mr. Balla.

“Rachel,” said a new voice. Rachel opened her eyes and sat up. Jake was standing in the doorway. He had a bed sheet wrapped around him like a toga. He walked towards Rachel.

“Jake,” whispered Rachel. “How are you feeling?” She was startled that he was walking and not flying.

“I’m feeling a lot better,” he responded.

“Well, I am going to be needing some help in the kitchen. Samuel, Jason,” stated Mrs. Balla.

“Alright, we’re coming,” said Mr. Balla. He gave Jake an odd stare that clearly stated ‘Don’t do anything you will regret’ and left.

“You can come join us when you’re ready, Rachel,” said Samuel. He smiled at his daughter and followed Mr. Balla out the door.

“So,” said Rachel into the silence.

“Thank you,” stated Jake. “You saved me.”

“No, I didn’t,” responded Rachel quietly. “You still lost you wings and scales. I didn’t save you. I couldn’t save you.” She looked away from Jake. Rachel couldn’t look into his eyes.

Jake grabbed hold of her head in both his hands. “You’re wrong,” Jake whispered. “You did save me, more then you know.” He kissed Rachel and wrapped his arms around her. “I love you, Rachel.”

“I love you too, Jake,” responded Rachel. She kissed him back. Rachel touched his legs. “They’re hairy.” She smiled at him.

“Yeah,” said Jake. “It’s a new feeling. I will have to get used to it.” He smiled back at Rachel.

“I will get that gulie whatever pox,” stated Rachel, “after I turn seventeen. Then we can live in the human world together.”

“Yeah, together,” whispered Jake.

“Rachel! Jake! Lunch is ready! Come and get it!”

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