Sly as a Fox

December 19, 2007
It was getting cold, really cold. In the distance you could hear a faint whimpering, almost as if it were a small child crying for their mother. The cries would go on for hours and hours at a time, never seeming to stop, until when the cries began to grow silent, your hopes of a peaceful night would be ended, for when the cries started to fade, you could hear the cries turn into moans. Then all would go quiet. Then as if it were a small child being beaten, you could hear violent thrashing sounds; like a whip used to torture a slave in the old days. But down a dark and shadowy alley, a figure lurks, waiting for his chance to strike. The silence was so threatening, you could hear a pin drop on a marble floor five miles away. Then with a deafening blast, the silence is shattered by an earsplitting scream that tears the peaceful night, but as the hour lurks on, the screams slowly begin to fade. The stranger slowly made his quiet approach; he was so quiet you would think he was a fox, making its way towards its prey. Then without warning the screams would stop. But in there place you would hear more violent noises, like a crack across a slaves back when they did something wrong. With each one of these crack, there would be a small and quick scream of agony and pain. When dawn was about to shatter the darkness, the stranger, who had been waiting all night, made his move.
The sound of the telephone jerked Johnny out of a most disturbing nightmare, one that he had been having all week, he remembered everything so clearly, he would never be able to forget.

Johnny really hated phones. He reached his hand over towards the phone to find nothing but air, finding it was not there he sat up and looked around. There on the desk, was the phone, waiting ever so patiently to be answered. Swinging his legs over the side of his bed, Johnny got up and walked over towards the phone.
He hated having to answer the phone.
Ring… “Hello New York, New York Detective Agency, this is Detective Johnny speaking.”
There was a brief pause, then you could hear a muffled voice; it was like the person on they other end was crying but he really couldn’t tell. “I’m sorry, could you repeat that please?” Johnny sat up straighter. He had a feeling this was going to be a long phone call.
There was another brief pause then the muffled voice became clearer as if they had stopped crying and now spoke like they had never been crying in the first place.
“Yes. I need to report a missing person.” This really made Johnny sit straight up, as if he had a wooden board implanted in his back. He hadn’t had a missing persons’ case in almost three years. He kicked into full detective mode. Searching frantically for a piece of paper and a pen, Johnny tried to memorize as much as he could.
“Ok. Can you please tell me the name of the abducted person last name, first name, then middle name?”
Another pause. He was really getting annoyed.

“Yes, her name is Fergison, Sequoyah Anne.” At the sound of the name, Johnny bolted upright. Now where had he heard that name before?
“Ok. Can you please tell me their birth date?”
“Um… it’s December 24, 1979.” Ok. Now he had a missing child case to deal with.
“Ok. Can you tell me where they where born, city, state, county, and country?”
“Um… I’m not quite sure, but I think it was in Alachua County, somewhere in Gainesville, Florida, in the U.S.” Ok. This was getting weird. Where was this person calling from? And who was this person? Was it their parent? Or maybe it was a relative?
“Yes, ok. Do you know where she was last seen?” This ought to be hard to find. Boy was he wrong.
“Um… one of her friends said the last time she seen her, she was walking home from school. Other than that I have no clue as to where she is. You see she’s my daughter, and she’s been missing for about five hours and she hadn’t come home yet. So I started to get worried. At first I figured she was over at one of her friends’ house, so I called over there to see if she was with her friend, but when I asked her friend when she had last seen her, she said she was walking home by herself. I think her and her friend may have had an argument and was mad at each other. But what I don’t get is how could she have been abducted, I mean I live like a block away from her school. She has gone to a friends’ house after school without telling me but she’s always called to tell me where she was! I getting really worried, I don’t know where my baby girl is!” At that, the distressed mother started to sob again, but he knew he couldn’t do anything about it.

“Ok. Um… Mrs. Fergison? Mrs. Fergison, can you please calm down? I need to know where you are currently residing. Mrs. Fergison, please can you cooperate with me?”
He didn’t think he was going to be able to understand her.
He soon got his answer.
After she had calmed down a little bit, he figured she was calm enough to be able to give him clear answer.
“Ok. Now what I need you to do is tell me where you are currently residing. Can you do that for me?” There was a pause then you could hear a coughing noise, like someone clearing their throat.
“Ok. Good.” That wasn’t so hard he thought to his self.
“Let’s pick up where we left off, ok?”
“Yeah, sure. Right now I live in Stony Brook.”
“Ok. Got it. Now I need you to tell me your last name, first name, and your middle name. Can you do that?”
“My last name is Fergison. My first name is Leah. And my middle name is Michelle. Is that all?”
“Almost. Now do you have any suspicions as to who took her?”
There was a long silence.
“Mrs. Fergison? Are you there? Hello?” She must have gotten disconnected or something. He didn’t know it yet but he was in for a big surprise in the morning. As he walked back over to his bed, he noticed something that he hadn’t before. His front door was standing completely open.
Something was wrong. There was a movement in the back of the house, he didn’t know what it was, so before he went anywhere back there he walked over to the cabinet and grabbed a 22’ revolver. He wasn’t taking any chances, because if anything happened to him, well he just didn’t know.
Another noise came from the back. It sounded as if someone were trying to move something.
“Freeze!” Shouted a man from behind him. “Drop your weapon. Now!” The voice boomed through the house.
Slowly Johnny set his 22’ down, then turned around to face his challenger. It was a thug.
“What do you want?” Johnny stared straight at the guy with so much intensity, it made the guy look as if he wanted to shrink back and dig a hole in the ground to hide in. It only lasted one moment.
“I don’t want nothing with you, my boss does!”

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