The Evolution of Love

December 1, 2011
By LeanBean BRONZE, Chengdu, Other
LeanBean BRONZE, Chengdu, Other
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Once upon a time, long ago in a far away universe, was a bang; a bang that shook all that existed to the core. It created a light, one that was blinding enough to burn all eyes if they even glimpsed the illumination. Out of this commotion formed a star, a ball of not just helium, hydrogen and heat, but also a soul. This soul was no ordinary one that belonged in a human; it was one that had no physical body, but was contained within the star. It was a kind of aura, one that could think and feel for itself. It searched through space and time to find something that would entertain the restless soul, but could not find any form of intelligent life for just this purpose. Until the star turned its focus to the humble planet Earth, it did not bother to search a planet for more than a mere moment or two if there was no life upon it. This place, however, was a curious place that had upon it living things that acted of their own accord. It had individuals that walked, talked, felt, and dealt with all their emotions and situations in unique behaviors. It had beings that could be harmed and healed in so many different ways. These creatures were called humans.
As time went on and the star became more fascinated with the humans, it came to hold a respect for them. These beings would love one another and help each other when in dire need. On the other hand, the star was disgusted at the species’ stupidity and selfishness; they would kill another kinsmen without knowing the true reason of their discrepancies. They used the motto, “Every man for himself” and used all he/she wanted in life without thinking of the consequences on others. But most of all, they were intolerant of others unlike themselves, whether they might have a different color skin, come from a different land or not have the same abilities. It angered the star to see so many humans pushed aside because they were not wealthy, were unintelligent – or intelligent in some cases – or were disabled either mentally or physically. One of the events that caused most rage and compassion for the star was after much hate and war.
It was the year 1946 according to the human calendar. A male of around age 24 was shoved aside as a group of other males passed by. There was no visible difference between the group and man. They were all the color of caramel with dark hair and eyes, around the same height and body weight, and yet this one man was singled out. For what reason was unapparent until the star focused on the male once more a full moon later.
This man was walking along the road carrying several books piled so high that they blocked his vision of the road. A female was walking towards him while engrossed in the blue sky above her. Neither of them noticed they were heading straight for each other, until they collided. Both the humans fell to the ground with yells of surprise as the books toppled over on top of them both. The woman reacted instantly to this collision by uttering her apologizes repeatedly. She got up and started collecting the fallen books while the man remained on the ground looking slightly stunned and shaking his head vigorously, as if trying to relieve a buzzing from his ears.
The woman then turned to face the man directly with books still in her hands and spoke to him; “Do you need any more help?” These kind words were spoken in a soft tone, with an expression of concern on her face. The man didn’t look up from the ground but instead began to pick himself off the ground, seeming to not have noticed the woman’s generous offer of help.
“Excuse me, sir, I am very sorry I walked into you. Would you like any help carrying these books to your destination?” Again the man did not respond, so the woman went right in front of him and made him look at her while she repeated the question, this time in a slightly raised voice.
This man that had been discriminated against in the alleyway a full moon ago then slowly turned his gaze upon the woman and looked into her eyes. Their eyes met and in the man’s eyes the woman could see years of pain and suffering in them. She could see sorrow, but at the same time kindness and love. She knew not the past of this man, but had a strange feeling she knew of this man’s agony. She felt as if she could heal this man’s hurt and help him out of that dark place he was living in, even thought she did not know what had caused his pain.
When he finally spoke, it was in a hushed tone, the words coming out garbled, as if he didn’t know how to pronounce them correctly.
“Thank you for helping me but I must be on my way.” He took the books from the woman’s hands and walked past her. Her gaze lingered upon him until he rounded the next corner, with a stunned look upon her face. It was not until he was out of sight did she turn back around and think, That man was deaf. That is why he did not answer my questions, nor speak properly. That sorrow she had seen in his eyes was because he had been tormented about being disabled all his life. A wave of anger swelled in the woman’s chest at how he had been treated, and out loud she swore that if she ever came across that man again, she would gladly stand by his side and face all challenges with him.
At this the star was delighted, for a generous, caring and kind person was willing to help another being even at the cost of his or her own safety. This would have touched the star’s heart greatly, if it had had a heart. Instead, it made the star glow brighter in the night sky.

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