A Foo Fighting Crime Scene

December 18, 2007
By Ashleigh Woda, Hartland, WI

"Another DOA," the cop said shaking his head. "It looks like he wanted to Learn to Fly. I've been waiting Everlong for Times Like These; I really need to beef up my detective skills.

His chief responded, "Don't try to be The Pretender, all I want to see is the Best of You. "

Brown and Mushy

Wake up. Get dressed. Look at the calendar. November 14th. Something is happening today. What is it? Thinking, thinking. November 14th. Not my birthday, not his birthday, November 14th. I try to forget. Time for breakfast. Walk downstairs. Open the fridge. I look around, but all I see is chili. Happy 4th Annual Chili Day!


Padded Room

She heard a noise. She looked around. It was 5:55 again. The rain fell and she felt alone. Silence was engulfing her. For the fifth time this week. The images flashed through her mind. She started to scream. The guards grabbed her and led her out of solitary confinement room 555. The serum calmed her.

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