The Thunder’s Drum

December 17, 2007
By Danielle Hirsch, Tomball, TX

I am going to tell you of a stormy night, one dark and lonely winter night, in a mansion, where a girl and her mother live. The girl, about seventeen of age, is napping, napping in her room; her name is Athena, named after the Greek goddess of wisdom. I am going to tell you of her experience on this terrible night, her parents are away, and she is alone. I will tell you how it happened.

Thunder and lightning give out a haunting feeling as Athena naps in her room. Bangs and booms are heard from outside, the thunder playing its little song. The wind crashes against the outside walls of the mansion, though you can hear its echo in the lonely home’s walls. While she is taking a nap another boom is heard. Boom! Again, the thunder beats its drum, waking up the dear Athena. She walks to her window, with half open eyes; she sees the trees almost parallel to the earth. The dear Athena turns on the television, nothing appears on the screen; she goes to her radio and turns it on, nothing is heard. Dear Athena walks to the hallway and heads for the stairs. She heads down the stairs as she feels something touch her; she turns around, nothing is there. A scream flees her mouth as she falls down the stairs. As she looks up the stairs, Athena sees that nothing is there.

Athena manages to make her way to the living room. Athena is able to turn on the lights; a moment after that the lights go out. Boom! The thunder plays again; and with a flash of lightning, Athena sees someone in the hallway, she follows stealthily. Another flash of lightning, nothing is there. “It’s just my imagination, no one is here, only me,” she tries to comfort herself, but she feels even worse. Boom! Another drumbeat of thunder is heard; Athena jumps with fear. “I just need to walk around,” she says, “I will feel much better after a walk.” She heads down one hallway that her mother says is off-limits. During her walk of curiosity through the off-limit hallway, she finds a room, a dark and spooky room. She finds a candle and a match; she lights the candle and walks through the arched doorway. This room is filled with little music boxes. She opens one, and a little chime is let out; she closes it back up. A flash of lightning strikes again, and Athena sees a little girl in the corner of the room. Another flash of lightning; the girl is gone. “This place has to be haunted,” Athena comments to herself. Just then a chime is heard; Athena turns around and she sees the same box she closed is now open. She runs out of the room and down the hallway as fast as she can.

“Honey, Athena, I’m home!” Athena’s mother calls out to her. Then Athena runs over to her mother and describes everything that happened while she was gone.

“Oh, Athena, don’t be silly, there aren’t any ghosts or spirits her.”

“But I saw a little girl. She was in the last room down that hallway! I swear I saw a little girl.”

“I told you not to go down that hallway; it’s off-limits to you.”
“Why? Is there something down there? I know you’re hiding something from me; there’s something you don’t want me to know, isn’t there?”

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