November 13, 2011

In the beginning, according to God, we were all the same. The same spirit, energy, soul, ghost, angel, or whatever humans like to call us. When God made us he made us all the same, interests, personality, likes, dislikes-- everything. That’s why we go to earth and wear the flesh, to give ourselves diversity. It’s almost my turn to go now, almost my turn to wear the flesh of a human too. Michael is going to go before me and we asked God if he would let us cross paths on earth. God agreed and I’m excited but worried, worried if our personalities will differ to the point where Michael and I won’t be friends anymore. That all depends on the sacrifice we make before we go.

Henry just got back and he’s so very different. Everything about him is different, his humor, his laugh his…everything. He lost faith though, that was his sacrifice, he sacrificed happiness to gain the power of strength and speed because he was a boxer. He also sacrificed a comfortable life to have a family, his life was not a happy one, but he was happy for his family to have good lives. He died in a car crash and now he is back and he regrets nothing. Now he has so much ahead of him thanks to his diversity, too much ahead of him to explain in words.

What will I sacrifice when I go? I think I will sacrifice the life of a loved one for the power of precision. Making a long term sacrifice will help in long terms once in heaven. When Gandhi went down he sacrificed the pleasure of all material things for enlightenment. He ended up as the right hand man of God and he is happier than ever. I have a similar idea; I think if I sacrifice for precision, I will be right most of the time…at least I think that’s how it works. God won’t tell us, he wants us to figure it out ourselves. But if I sacrifice something as valuable as a loved one when it’s my time on earth then I should be really precise… I hope...

But I am concerned about Michael, despite the fact that he is the same as most of us he has been acting strange, he started watching those on earth. He has also been saying things about how valuable power is, and how the more you sacrifice the better it works out for you. But he’s forgetting about the test, the test of your morals. We have all figured it out; God wants to see how our new personalities work out and if we turn out to be evil rather than remain good. That’s why we lose our memory when we go to earth, so we don’t know about the test to see whether we become evil in nature or not.

It’s time now, I have to go with Michael to earth and make our sacrifice. I’m excited and worried about everything. What will happen? Where will I be born? Who will be my parents? Which one of my loved ones will die? Michael is going first.
“It is time my child for you to go as so many other have before you.
But as you know you must make your sacrifice to gain power.
So tell me, how much are you willing to sacrifice?” God asked.

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