November 13, 2011
By CupycakeWriter SILVER, Albany, Other
CupycakeWriter SILVER, Albany, Other
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blowing sh*t up is fun but when its not you doing the blowing up it just isn't as fun

A reason to stick around in this reality is a reason to be teased and treated unkindly but when you're in your own reality you can change and create things bend your appearance change your voice true personality can be expressed and shown you can love and be with the man of your dreams even if in the true reality he does not exist but it's something you've always wished for anything can come to life in the your reality. No one can find happiness in hate and sorrow. One can pour their hear out on a sheet of paper, one can run away from reality one can only be happy with the one they're in love with even if they don't exist one can only hope to die and be reborn in the reality in which they do what I have written makes no sense to you does it? It makes perfect sense to me but maybe that's because I wrote this and it's my expressions my feelings but also no one can truly understand another persons thoughts and expressions because only one self knows truly how they feel...

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