As the Bell of the Elevator Rings...

December 17, 2007
By rachael hogan, Hartland, WI

As the bell of the elevator rings the door opens and a little boy hurried into the shinny mettle box.
”Hi my name is Chris, what’s your name?” the boy asked swaying back and forth.
“Who? Me?” said the blue fish with a yellow spot on her side. “My name is dory, I think.”
Then the little boy turns to a man wearing a brown suite looking uncomfortable in the corner of the elevator. “What’s your name?”
“My name is Adrian monk I am a private detective and I am working on a case.” Said the funny man as he squirmed.
“Are you ok mister?” the boy said with concern.
“I am fine I just don’t like elevators” He said as he leans his head to the side wile raising his shoulders as he returns his head to correct position.
“Why? Elevators are so much fun.” Said Chris.
“Elevators are full of germs.” Said monk looking around.

“I like to sing when I am bored, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. Who are you?” said dory looking confused.

“My name is Chris and his name is monk, I told you that already.”

“Oh, I’m sorry I forget things a lot. I have short term memory loss, it runs in my family or at least I think it does, where are they, hmm.” She said taping her chin.

“If I may what are you doing in New York?” said monk.

“Well I think I am supposed to go to P. Sherman 42 wallaby way Sydney. Is that anywhere near New York?” said dory.

“Why do you think that?” said Chris.

“Well it is the only thing that I can remember.”

The bell in the elevator rings as it reaches the tenth floor.

“Well this is my stop. Nice talking to you but I have to get of this elevator and solve a mystery.”

The door opened and the weird detective got of the elevator and walked into a hall with yellow streamers with black writing all over the hallway.

“Well I guess that it is just you and me know. I have to get of on the next floor. I bet my parents could help you find your way to Sydney.” Said Chris.

“Ok but who are you?”

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