The Glossy, Steel Doors Opened...

December 17, 2007
By Katie Marolia, Hartland, WI

The glossy, steal doors opened as the reflection of a five foot two, dark chocolate man in a hot pink tuxedo and wall clock around his neck, and a gold toothed grin stepped into the elevator. As the doors opened, he saw his past sweetheart New York.
"FLAVOR FLAVVVVV!" He said with his arms wide open for a hug. "Where you been baby? I've missed me some Flav. Get over here and give
New York some lovin'."
"Oh baby you KNOW what time it is," said Flav as he licked his lips. Just as the two were tightly wrapping their arms around each others
waists, the light at the top of the elevator turned orange and the doors again opened.
"I'm back biotch," said New York's enemy Pumpkin as she strutted her stuff through the doors.
"Aw hellll naw, she did not just walk into MY elevator," New York said with a sharp, snappy tone.
"Flav needs some Pumpkin! Get yo butt ova here lil momma." New York quickly draped herself onto Flavor Flav's back making it
impossible for him and Pumpkin to make any physical contact.
"Get off my man," said Pumpkin with a red color growing in her cheeks.

"He ain't yo man, he's my man. You better rememba dat," said New York as she flipped her hair over her right shoulder.
"Oh, don't make me rip that nappy weave right out of your head," said Pumpkin in a dark voice.
"I know you didn't just call my weave nappy girl. This piece was 1,500 g's baby! You better respect."
The two women's plastic, fake, red nails began snapping and clicking at one another.
"Ladies, ladies, there's enough Flav to go around," said Flavor Flav. "Naw Flav. I ain't about to do dis again. I've had my heart broken
one too many times. You gotta pick which one you want. This tall, dark piece of voluptuous women, or dat skinny string bean ova there," said New York.
"I know whatcha sayin New York," said Flav. "Don't be mad at me Pumpkin, but I'm gonna roll wit New York. She KNOWS what time it is!"
Pumpkin pressed the open button with no expression on her face. As the doors began to open, she placed one foot outside the doors as her face whipped around to release a thick, ball of spit into New York's evil, grinning face. The doors closed.

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