Her Heart Began to Race...

December 17, 2007
By Judith Rohlfing, Edgemoore, SC

Her heart beagan to race as she realized how much danger she was really in. How could she have done this to herself? How could she have ignored all the signs. all her friends warnings. She was way overboeard with this. And now, there was no where to run. And if she hid, he would find her in a matter of minutes. Possibly sooner. The dreary and uncomfortable space of this abandoned warehouse, was easily the worst possible place to find a hiding spot.
She pushed all thoughts off escape from her mind, hoping he had never seen her expression. She coukd not give him the satisfaction of frightening her. There would never be a chance to escape if she did. So, she locked her plans into a secluded corner of her mind and waited for the right moment, where she could open it again.
When she turned, she caught him watching her intently out of the corner of his eye. When he noticed she was watching, her looked back down at the rope he was fiddling with between his fingers.
"Why haven't you bound me yet?" She asked as she noted how uncmfortable he must feel sitting on the stone bench.

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