Magical Romance

December 17, 2007
By Ryan Le, Hartland, WI

The Boy Who Lived was standing alone in the elevator. He was pondering about his life of pain and misery when the elevator stopped and the doors slid open. There were two fairies with heads not proportional to their bodies and smooth black twigs with bright, golden stars at the ends in their hands. Harry’s interests grew on the fairies and their magical twigs.
“Hi, my names Cosmo,” the green haired fairy said, “and that’s Wanda my wife.” He pointed to his pink-haired partner. “ And we’re Timmy Turner’s Godparents!”
“What brand of wand is that?” Harry said as his frog colored eyes widened with excitement. “Olivander or Gregorovitch?”
Before the fairies could answer, the elevator stopped and the doors opened again. A blonde girl came in wearing pink and punk clothes. She looked at all the occupants and then drifted to the corner or the elevator. Her eyes were attracted to Cosmo’s green hair.
“Hey, Hey, You, You, I don’t like your girlfriend,” She was looking at Cosmo while shooting mean looks at Wanda. “I think you need a new one. Hey, Hey, You, You, I can be your girlfriend!”
“OK! You’re purdy.” Cosmo winked at her while Wanda’s face became a pure flame.
“Hey!” Wanda said with such intensity that it almost knocked Avril off her shoes. “I’ll have you know that only one for that green-haired idiot is me!” With a flick of her wand, she turned Avril into a pink toilet. “That should do it. I know Cosmo is afraid of toilets and he’ll never touch you!” Cosmo scurried to the corner of the elevator in fear. The excess weight Avril gained caused the elevator to stop. Harry panicked.
“Oh no! You broke the rules!” Harry said while in the corner inhaling in what just happened. “You broke the under age magic law. It is forbidden to do magic outside of magic school. How are we goin’ to get out if we can’t use magic?”
“I don’t go to magic school anymore and do I look under age to you?” Wanda said.
“No. Well, I mean yes.”
“Oh, why thank you.” Wanda said while admiring the compliment. “Can I ask your name?”
“Oh yes, it’s Harry, Harry Potter”
“Well is there a Mrs. Potter, sweet thing?” She was flirting.
“Erm. No. But, I thought you were married to that guy” Harry pointed to Cosmo.
“Oh, him?” She looked at Cosmo. “He’s an idiot, he won’t mind.”
“Well I’ve always wanted to snog a pink head before I died. All the girls at Hogwaets are ugly”
“Well then, now let’s get out of here!” With a flick of her wand the doors magically opened.
She and Harry left the elevator holding hands while Avril was still a toilet and Cosmo was still cowering with fear of the Avril toilet.

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