The Blue Notebook

December 17, 2007
By Samantha Lotz, Pewaukee, WI

“Hold the door please!”

Nancy Drew raced toward the open elevator door, her titian hair swinging behind her. She just managed to rush in before the door slid shut. As she turned to the front, she noticed that all of the buttons had been pushed. Nancy sighed, it was going to be a long ride.
“Hello I’m Peter,” said an abnormally cheerful boy who happened to be floating above Nancy’s head.
“Nancy Drew,” she said in reply with a short nod of her head.
In a shadowy corner there stood a young man that reeked of smoke and screamed rebel without a cause to Nancy.
“James Dean. Call me Jim, everyone else does,” the youth said in a bored tone.
Nancy discretely pulled out a petite, blue notebook and began to scribble down notes with a number two pencil.
“Where are you from?” Nancy directed the question at Peter, but Jim answered first.
“East of Eden.”
“Second star to the right and straight on ‘till morning,” said Peter said joyfully, “Have you ever been to Neverland?”
“Neverland doesn’t exist. That’s just a story,” said Jim as he lit a cigarette. “That’s like saying you believe in fairies or something.”
Peter floated down from the ceiling and looked at Jim, incredulous. “I do believe in fairies.”
Nancy frowned at the cloud of smoke forming around Jim’s head.
Jim rolled his eyes and looked at Nancy appreciatively. “What about you? What’s your story?”
Nancy quickly tucked the notebook and pencil into her purse. “My father is a lawyer. Perhaps you’ve heard of him. Carson Drew?”
Jim shook his head.
Peter wailed from behind Nancy.
“I can’t fly anymore. I don’t have anymore happy thoughts! I need Tinkerbell! Where is Tink?”
“I’m sure you’ll think of something,” said Nancy reassuringly.
Jim snorted in the background.
The door clanged open and Nancy hurried out, eager to get out of the cloud of smoke and childish weeping from Peter. Before she could walk completely out of the elevator Jim grabbed her hand and pulled her back, giving her a quick peck.
Nancy stood dazed and watched Jim saunter away.

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