This I Believe

December 17, 2007
By jessica reed, Wilmore, KY

Love is a deep, tender feeling of affection and solicitude towards a person. A feeling of intense desire with a person whom you have intense emotional attachment, as for a treasured object. I believe that love is worth fighting for.
“Please Jessica, clean your room. I am not feeling good, I don’t want to fight.” My mother said weakly. It was about the 5th time she had asked me to clean my room,
“Okay! Just give me a minute.” I said staring at the T.V. I knew she wasn’t feeling good by the way she didn’t respond. About 30 minutes later I was on the phone talking away with friends and by the time I was done it was 11pm and I was sleep. I used school as an excuse for me not cleaning my room that night. Well the next day when my mom got off of work she came home and seen my room. She was so furious that it wasn’t clean and I tried to explain my school story but I didn’t work. My mom and I stared yelling at each other, calling each other names and everything when finally I broke down into tears and apologized for taking advantage of her when she was sick. After she forgave me and had a long talk and I promised to do better next time, its always good to make up because love is important and to lose a person you love by name calling and yelling isn’t worth it, love is beautiful and worth working at.

It was close to Christmas and I was at the mall with my boyfriend Matthew. I was all excited and my heart was pounding out of my chest because I was in his arms once again, we had just got back from the movie theatre and we were shopping for Christmas gifts. I was trying to find him a great gift but I didn’t have the time, I wasn’t in the mall 15 minutes when my mom called me and said she was on her way. I got all upset and begged her to let me stay because I didn’t want to leave Matthew I didn’t get to see him a lot and I felt like my parents were trying to take that way from me. Well my dad herd my mom saying I cant stay and I guess he took the phone from her cause the next thing I heard was my dad yelling at me telling me that I have to leave now because he isn’t turning around and that I was being selfish, which was true. But my heart hurt when I had to tell Matthew because when I seen his expression it broke my heart. Well once we dropped Matthew off and we went home I ignored my dad but he still kept on picking when finally my mom came in my room and apologized for the way dad over reacted and that the next time matt comes down he can stay the whole day. That made me really happy that she understood me. Even though I pouted and everything my parents didn’t want me to stay mad at them and I didn’t want to be mad either because I love my family and would do anything for them, I know they would do the same thing for me.

One night me and Matthew were on the phone talking about random things. We were laughing and having fun, I was happy. Well the we started talking about our past and how how we wish we could change so many things when I accidentally said, “Do you know what I hate?”
“What?” he asked.
“Oh nothing” I stuttered, then he started begging for me to tell him and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings so I kept saying, “no.” The thing I didn’t want him to know was how I hated how he makes me cry all the time but I would feel bad if I was to tell him, so then he started yelling and cussing telling me all sorts of hateful things and made me cry. Finally I just stopped talking and listened, he told me he would call me back once he calmed down. So I sat there thinking when the next thing I know my phone rings and matt is on the other line telling me how sorry he was and that he didn’t mean anything he said, even though I was still hurt I forgave him because love comes in all different types and the kind I share with matt is something I would fight to the death for.

No matter how bad things get in life people will always fight for love because love is a wonderful feeling that makes us feel good inside. It can become difficult at times and complicated but to know you have someone to go home to every night that loves you with all their hearts makes it all worth it at end of the day.

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