Could it Be?

October 25, 2007
By Katie Collier, Okemos, MI

Could it be, that one day he would leave her? He would forget all about his little sister, the younger one who looked up to him for so much more than that brotherly figure in her life? He would be off to college the year she turned 16. He would have disappeared into the world of adult hood, gone from her life like he had so many years before.

Her big brother, the one who knew her inside and out, she poured her soul out to him, no matter how hard she tried. He convinced her to break the rules, and to speak her mind no matter the consequences.

He would soon forget how she loved him, how she looked up to him for more than words of advice. The soul she most thought to be strange, but had welcomed her with open arms and loved her simply after one word.

Would he loose her, like she lost him? Would she commit suicide, after he forget to call, for the thirteenth time? Would she understand his busy schedule and wait for the four years until she reached his lifetime, when he left again.

Does she understand, that he’s always going to be there for her, no matter how stupid she is. No matter the trouble she gets in, he’ll be there to bail her out through thick or thin.

Has he ever let her get busted? Let her loose her best friend because of something she did? Has he ever told her to get lost, and just leave him alone? No, because he loves her, and she loves him. But not as anything more than friends.

Does she know anything about him? That he hasn’t lied, or cheated her of happiness. Even though without him she might be in doubt. Depressed and forgetful, of those that mean the most to her. She might not have a relationship with anyone, but her books and pens.

With anyone but herself, and none of them. He’s her guardian, her hero, not her friend, or brother. But her hero, her real live hero. The one she looks up to for more than everything.

So is that what it could be? That he’d just forget, and they’d never speak? Would she forget him? About the mistakes she made for him, the things she tried just because he was around.

Is it really that true, the relationship they share? Brother and sister, friend and friend. How would it end? Who knows? Life’s not over.

Would they forget, loose themselves in the world’s mast chaos? Who really knows, they’ve got forever, to figure out, the rest of everything left.
The way they’ll live, and who with. They’re going to be there, through thick and thin, the brother and sister, the two sorts of best friends.

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