A Boy and His Pencil

October 25, 2007
By Dusty Braun, NEWELL, SD

First day of school! I'm so pumped; I’m about to write so many papers and make so many numbers. I can’t wait to be sharpened, the razors taking away my over linings on my lead. Yeah that’s right I’m a pencil. Not just any pencil, I'm one of the coolest pencils on the market. I'm actually a two dollar pencil. When you push on my outer linings I change colors, the elementary kids go goo-goo over it. I’m kind of a big deal in today’s society. Everyone needs a pencil like me. Jake, my owner, is thrilled that he has me. Jake promised we would always be together, and I knew he meant it.

About three years ago, was when he first got me, Jake was so excited that he really didn’t want to use me. Though one day he couldn’t resist , he had to sharpen me and showed to all of his friends. They were impressed. He told me, that he would never let anything happen to me. He used me every day and put me very neatly away and said that he would see me tomorrow. But what he didn’t know, is that he wouldn’t see me tomorrow. One of the kids in the school was very jealous that he had me, the changing colors, the fine point lead, and between you and me, all the girls talking to him.
So what did this jerk do? He stole me! The kid took me right out of the kids pencil box. He wanted all the attention is what he really wanted. He just couldn’t handle it having him take all the glory for being so cool. He took me and sharpened me way down, so I would look way different. It hurt; the jerk didn’t even know how to sharpen a pencil. He put me down till I was half a man. He forced me to write some of his paper, I didn’t do a very good job. I made the lead smear and smudge all over the paper. Just because I'm a pencil, doesn’t mean I don’t know how to make an unruly paper. Jake knew exactly what was going on. He knew I was his pencil. I would roll to him every now and then to show him that I was his pencil.
Jake told the teacher on the kid, but the teacher wouldn’t believe him. It made Jake very mad and he didn’t know what to do. That’s when I took matters in my own lead. I wrote him a note telling him that “Jake, I am your pencil. Your finger prints are still on me. In the new science book you can buy an investigation kit. It has finger dusting kit in it. Dust for your prints and show the teacher that I am your pencil. Show her that your prints are underneath his prints, your friend, BIC®.
The next thing I knew, I'm being dusted for prints. He shows the teacher and it proved that I am his pencil. The other boy went home crying to his mom about it. Though there was nothing that could be done about it. I was back in the fingers of Jake. And it was a great feeling. A Couple months later he, he pulled me out and used me for an essay paper. Just for his courage and willingness. I helped him out, and together we pulled an A+ on that paper.
Now he only uses me on big assignments, which is fine, seeing how he doesn’t want to lose me again. Jake is now going in middle school and I will be right there with him.

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