Sealed With a Kiss

October 25, 2007
By DJ Gartley, Port Saint Lucie, FL

I remember the night, it was dark and cold, the light breeze upon my face made me shutter. Maybe it was the rain or maybe it was her, whatever it was I'll never forget that night. Her skin was cold and pale, the moonlight seemed to hide her age. My mind would had led me the other way but her voice put me into a trance. "Lovely isn't she?" her voice was not soft but rather coarse and sinister.

"To whom do you refer?" my questions hung on frozen lips. "Why to the mother moon of course" she replied with such passion that is caught me off guard. "The night treats me with this bitter cold. My name is Miekiel, May I ask yours?" my words terrified me, it was as though they were not my own. "Of course, call me Sinister ."

I remember the heat on the back of my neck, the feeling someone was right behind me. I remember turning to see only the moon, I remember looking back and seeing or rather not seeing S . She had left without so much as a good-bye. I stood under the moon as the rain poured onto my head soaking me to my feet. I'm not quite sure how long I stood there looking at the moon, but I am sure of this, I will never forget that night.

I'm not sure where this reality ends, or if this even sounds plausible, but the events that follow are of my own life. In the midst of that night I awoke, drenched in sweat, holding my temple between my clammy palm. She had invoked herself into my dreams, but these dreams were filled with blood and pain, of rotting flesh and death lining the scent of the air. I stood and walked over to the mirror. In it I saw her face, nearly loosing my footing, I fell back against the wall.

In the heat of the night I decided that I need to get out. I dressed in more of night club attire, I found myself stumbling down a dark alley toward shadows to which everything is shrouded in darkness. In the shadows I found that an old night club lied ahead of me, as I entered that same of death that was in my dream now eluding all my senses.

I saw her. Across the bar, standing beside the backdoor. Her eyes sat upon me from the instant I opened the door. Its like she knew I was there before I was even inside. I still don't know why to this day why I hadn't turned and left, but I guess destiny decide I had other plans that night.

I remember walking over to her. I remember her lips finding my own. I remember leaving the bar. I remember entering her room. I remember the hunger I felt looking at her upon the bed. I remember the feeling of her bite entering my neck as the night became day.

In the morning I found myself inside my own home, thirsty, but no matter what passed my lips the thirst wouldn't leave me. I decided that I would look for her, as I rose from my own bed I found that she was sitting across the room, in a chair smoking a cigarette. "Good morning sunshine, my you put on quite the show last night. I haven't felt that good in three hundred years" her voice has less cynical and strikingly happy. "Why am I so thirsty?" "because last night my child, you became a child of the night. Don't worry the sun holds no bounds upon you as portrayed in the skeptical movies you may have seen, though one thing is different between this life and that of the portrayed in movies. See in this life you have nothing stopping you from dying, I mean death comes to all meaning that a simple bullet to the chest will kill you."

" My eyes now completely open, "what do you mean a child of the night?" "well if you remember last night I bit you, by the way you taste sterling, I am Sin and the greatest in that but enough of this little informative lesson, you must know that tonight I leave you and this world all at once, you were my last and I'm glad I picked you because I know you'll be a good little vampling".

The night had a bittersweet sting to its usual uneasiness. I can recall a moment of dark appeal when I approached the streets. Like a lingering sweetness upon the tip of my tongue. Maybe I was naive, or maybe I was intrigued by the thought of becoming a new entity, whatever it was I remember it held great to my chest. The feeling still lingers now as I speak, a tightening around my heart, feeling cold as well as on fire, wanting it to end but then wishing it wouldn't.

I remember her skin, her neck against my lips, the sound of the skin being broken, the copper taste in her blood, the sickening feeling of life. I had watched it all in my mind but found myself incapable to react. Maybe I chose not to, or maybe I needed that bit of life from her. All that was visible the next morning was blood, sweet and mesmerizing blood. I can remember in these past five hundred years that I have never been so afraid and yet so intrigued by my own doings.

Maybe the gods smiled upon me because no more than forty years later I met a lovely young woman. I remember the first time I met her, the first time I held her gaze, the first time I felt her touch. I know in all my years, no one else will be like her. Her hair was the color of the sun, her eyes the sky, her lips like blood, and her skin like porcelain. Her name was Synthia. I took her life and she took my heart.

To this day I wish we would have had more time together, but the time was well spent. Before I get ahead of myself let me take you back to that night, the first night I met her. I had been in this state for nearly hundred and fifty years. I sat beneath a weeping willow, her arms lay rapped around her trunk. I saw her face, the light held my gaze, her beauty caught me off guard.

I had seen women from every country, from every life time, but never had I seen such beauty before. She approached me and sat beside me, the scent of nectar lingered on her neck. The scent aroused my very being. She looked at me, her eyes blue and gray, piercing my very soul. "Hello," her voice was soft and tender, "my name is Synthia, but my friends call me Syn".

I sat there mesmerized by her beauty, "and you might be" her voice brought me back. I cleared my throat, "oh umm yes my name is Miekiel". I held out my hand, she placed hers in mine, it was warm and soft. I kissed her hand and bared my fangs to the vein that lay pressed up against the skin beckoning me to taste.

"I'm sorry," my voice was trembling, as were my hands "I must leave you before you see a side of me no one wants to see". I stood to me feet but before I could move her hand found mine again, "there is nothing about you that I wouldn't mind seeing". I felt my cheeks become warm, maybe she was going to be ok with what I am or maybe she can sense it. I realized a fang was protruding outside the left side of my mouth.

Her eyes sparkled as they caught a glimpse of my fang, "what are you exactly" it was strange to hear her voice so calm. "I've been asking myself the same question for years," I bared my fangs, "I'm a vampire". A smile ran across her face, "really... that's very appealing" I felt my cheeks become warm again. See she was much different than most people.

I remember her inviting me back to her room, I remember her "slipping into something more comfortable". I felt her hand in mine, her bare body standing in front of me caused me to have tingling sensations through out my body. I remember I kissed her. For the first time in over a hundred years I had kissed someone again. I know that even now I love her just as I did then.

Her hand set against my cheek made me move into her touch, putting my hand around her wrist and running her hand up my neck I kissed her again. Her hands found their way through my clothes and I stand there skin against skin. I took her hand as she stepped back and led me into her bed. I could never have asked for anything more than what happened that night. I remember the warmth of her body against mine, her breast pressed against my chest.

The feeling was complete bliss. Her lips pressed against mine, her legs against my hips, her hands dragging down my back, her eyes fixed on mine. The feeling, the motion, it felt so natural. As the feeling progressed I remember her biting my neck and my eyes turning a slight mix between gold and red. I remember us climaxing. I remember the feeling of her nails breaking skin down my back, her teeth piercing my neck.

I awoke to her beside me, her head lay in my arm, her hair flowed up against my neck. Her scent lingered all through the room, the glimpses of last night flowed through my head. Had I really kissed her or had it only been in my head. Her eyes opened and peered into mine, she leaned up and kissed me. I guess I really had kissed her.

I kissed her back and smiled. For the first time in over one hundred and forty seven years I felt human again and it felt so good to feel normal again. I felt so good in that moment. Now in this moment I wish I could go back to that moment. That moment when she was still here.

Maybe it was the taste of her lips, the numbing feeling of being in love. Maybe it was the fact that she was the only person to care about me in these past five hundred and forty years. All that makes sense now is the ever present love I have her. As a vampire we are not suppose to love only survive, but with her all that changed.

I am awake now, to the touch, to the taste, to the life of this world and it would not have been possible without her. I remember the that night; we lie in bed watching the silhouette's upon the roof keeping us at bay. Her hand lay upon my chest, my arm resting under her. I wish we could have stayed that way forever; living in pure love and bliss.

She kissed me upon my lips; waking me from the sleep that I so desperately needed. I felt myself sit up. I felt my fangs sink into her neck. I felt myself draining bits her very life into myself. I felt myself release. I felt her body fall against my chest. I saw the ceiling as I fell back against the bed.

I remember her kissing me and waking me. I remember her fangs now puncturing my neck. Her fangs ivory white. I had turned her and did not mean to. I remember she took my hand and pulled me up, her hands find my back; her breast pressed against my bare skin.

That day we walked through the black streets of London; the darkness our home. I can still remember the feeling of the heat piercing my chest and burning into my heart. That pistol shaking in his hand as he pulled the trigger. The bullet purging me of all sin. Ripping through both flesh and bone.

Let me tell you the event as they happened. See as we turned down a dark alley way we saw a man holding a gun, he pulled the trigger and made his problem go away. I guess he had seen us because he turned the gun toward us. And as he pulled the trigger. I threw Synthia down to the ground and took the bullet to the chest. He blew me away.

I remember that the feeling took me back and I fell to the ground as Synthia bit into the mans neck and let him bleed out. I remember her sitting beside me and setting my head atop her leg. I remember the pool of blood surrounding my back. I remember her tears falling on my face like rain drops. I remember that as I looked up at her, blood filled my mouth.

I remember most of all the last kiss we shared. I can still remember today that my death was what set me free. I know you must be wondering how I can still describe the fates that beheld me from death. You'd be surprised what you can come back from when you're dead.

I leave you with this thought, though we are but men we must live this life to its full extent because without it we fall short of everything.

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