The Fire Tear

October 25, 2007
By Brady Valdez, Park City Ut., UT

The story of the fire tear is short and sad. It all started about 5,000 years ago when dragons roamed the earth. During that time there were many battles raging Elves verse dwarves, dwarves verse humans. During all of this an evil man named Sepharoth king of all evil was rising to power. After many years of wars the elves decided to become allies with the humans and dwarves. This alliance worked out well since the human’s and dwarves were tired of war as well. The next week the leaders of all three races met and decided to form the sagen’s, a fierce group of warriors, archers, and leaders. The leaders found a large mountain and made it into a fortress. They all swore to do what ever it takes to bring down Sepharoth King of evil. They built a small village around the fortress for the woman and children to live in since all the men were in the sagen army. After they built the village they built an army of about 30,000 men strong so that they could one day march out to Sepharoth’s castle and bring him down and destroy his castle. But what they didn’t know was Sepharoth was building a grand army to destroy their small up rising. His plan was to conquer the whole country in one swift movement. Once the sagen leaders found out, they sent a squad of scouts to spy on Sepharoths progress. They came back with news of an army of at least 100,000 men strong. They quickly thought of a solution dragon, riders. The elves were sent out to speak to the dragons about giving the sagen army some dragon eggs to train and use to help bring Sepharoth down. The dragons told the elves that the dragon eggs would only hatch if the mother was near or they felt the presence of their rider they also told the elves that the eggs would start shaking when they were near there riders. Slowly, as the dragons started to get stronger and better at flying, Sepharoth’s next move was to send a spy to spy on the sagens. When the spy came back with news of the dragon riders Sepharoth immediately sent his men out to kill the adult dragons and take their eggs. When his army came back with only about 30-40 eggs Sepharoth was furious. Still, he decided to make do with what he got. He decided to pick his own dragon and named it Shankes, The dragon of evil. It also earned the name because he was the strongest, the most ferocious and most evil. All the men in Sepharoth’s army feared him. There is one thing I forgot to tell you. After several years, dragons and their riders became more and more attached. Eventually this caused a bond that made it so if the dragon’s rider was killed the dragon to would die, but if the rider’s dragon got killed, he would live on but would carry the burden of a lost friend. Now that you know about this detail back to the story. When the elves returned with about 50-60 eggs the sagen leaders were pleased, especially when they heard that the dragons would hatch if they felt the presence of their rider. The elves also explained that the dragon eggs would shake if they were close to there rider. So each day for about three weeks they would walk around the village finding riders that made the dragon eggs hatch. Finally there was only one egg left. It ended up going to an elfen boy named Belden. How he was about age 115 he had sandy/blonde hair. He stood nearly 6 ft tall. and was the fastest one in the whole village. When the sagen leaders came to his house it shook like crazy, especially after he opened the door. They handed the egg to him and told him to report to the castle tomorrow at sun down. The next day at sun down he walked to the mountain castle to meet his trainers; his magical trainer Luchus, his combat trainer Sifus, and his riding trainer Iris. Day after day month after month, for nearly three years he trained. Later he was ready, all the riders were ready, the sagen army was also ready. The next day the sagen leaders Iris the elf, Kajitt the dwarf, and Greafsa the human asked if Belden would meet them in the leaders chamber. Okay we all know why were here one for the briefing, two because this is the greatest battle of our time and I want to wish you all good luck,’’ said Iris. By the time the meeting was over the men and other riders were all suited. About 20 minutes later all three leaders came out in armor, Belden was the last to come out. As they marched and the dragon rider’s flu, Belden looked toward the horizon and new he was about to take part in history. After about four weeks of non-stop travel they reached the rocky fields of Grimstone where Sepharoths fortress lay. As they marched closer and closer to the dark castle, a shiver went down Belden’s back little did they know was prepared. All of a sudden the black gates. Opened the sagen army halted they watched as a black and crimson army came marching out of the gates Iris gave an order and a volley of arrows went shooting toward Sepharoth’s army. At least 20-30 men dropped but the black mass marched on. Another volley, another 20-30 men dropped. They were getting close now Greafsa shouted an order and the sagen army drew their swords. Another horn blast and the sagen army charged. As the two army’s collided there was a clash of metal upon metal. After several hours of arrows and swords piercing and clashing, there was a series of booms. Slowly, about 30 shadows appeared. Another sagen horn blew that was the signal to charge at the enemy dragons. All of a sudden a 31 dragon rose up, it was Sepharoth he had come out of hiding. This was Belden’s signal to charge. As he flew he got faster and faster. As Belden caught up with the other riders he saw three dragons collide two enemies and one ally. He watched in horror as they hit the ground. Belden flew faster and faster until he could see Sepharoth’s helm. Belden threw a fireball, Sepharoth dogged it. Sepharoth threw a fireball, Belden dogged it. They drew their swords as, both dragons prepared to strike. All four hit each other at the same time, each making wounds on the other. During this battle, each dragon preformed amazing aerial aces. After several hours of combat, Belden was getting tired and the sagen reinforcements were thinning so he decided to do the dumbest thing he’s ever done . . . he jumped off his dragon in pencil formation sword in front. His plan was to hit Sepharoth directly in the chest killing him and knocking him off his dragon in the processes. Sepharoth was caught off guard, even his dragon was surprised. All Sepharoth had time to do was put his sword in defense. In that moment, Belden hit his target Sepharoth screamed slid off and fell toward the raging battle. Belden also fell, but as he was falling his dragon caught him just before hitting the ground. When Belden opened his eyes again he noticed that he had been stabbed. As he closed his eyes he could feel the wind brushing against his face. When Meth landed everybody saw the lifeless body of Belden on his dragon. They immediately ran up and took Belden off Meth, and they ran his body to the medical tent. When they told Meth she let out a mighty roar. Everyone fell to their feet. When she had stopped a tear rolled down her scaly face, inside the tear there looked to be fire, it was a fire tear. Once this tear fell off her face and hit the ground she laid down, went to sleep, and never woke up, she had died of a broken heart. Belden and Meth were made a temple and both their tombs were incased in time crystal, which made it so there bodies could not be time or changed by time. The temple was built in the very center of the rim of Hevanua, a place of peace for all who seek a light or hope.

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