October 24, 2007
By Emily Sept, Cameron Park, CA

She stares out her window to a stormy, and wet world of sadness. She is alone and depressed on this cold, rainy day. Her mind starts to wander and she suddenly forgets everything around her. The beating of her heart doubles as she enters her very own fairytale. She sees herself in a beautiful white gown and shiny glass slippers. A colorful rainbow fills the sky as the sun shines on her perfect golden hair, and tiny raindrops coat her eyelashes. She looks past the rainbow and sees a castle, far in the distance. She sees a young man riding toward her on a great white horse. As he approaches her he stops and says, “Come here my princess I have been waiting for you.” Together they ride off into the clouds and dance in the moonlight until the clock strikes twelve and she is jolted back into the reality of the stormy wet world she lives in. She peers out the droplet covered glass and notices a beautiful rainbow, as a beam of sunshine shines on her, warming up her face. She glances hopefully past the rainbow and there it is! Her fairytale was becoming a reality.

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