Living With a Popstar and Trying to Win Homecoming. Not So Easy.

October 24, 2007
By Allie Bazell, Ironton, OH

Hi! I’m Nikki. You might be confused as to what is going on. But I’ll back things up for you.
Today is September the twentieth. The day of my bestfriend’s birthday party. I was supposed to go to her party but that changed around 1:00 p.m. today.

My mom and I were in the kitchen arguing over what kind of present to get Amy and we heard a knock on the door. There were two men in black suits that looked like body guards for the FBI or something. I answered the door and asked
“Hi are you looking for someone?” They replied “We are with the celebrity body guard association, and we have a distant cousin here to live with you.”
I was shocked and I was thinking “Is this a joke? Am I crazy? Who is this person, is she; or he my cousin?”
“Mom! Come here now it’s an emergency.”
My mom rushed to the door.
“Ma’am do you know Shayla Cameron?”
They questioned. All I was thinking was
“Shayla Cameron is my cousin? No Way! Why is she staying with me?”
My mom explained that she knew who she was but why is she here, if she is actually here. I went straight to my room and I got on my phone I called Amy.
“Hey Amy umm I have some major news!”
“What is it?!” She asked anxiously.
“Shayla Cameron is at my doorstep; well her body guards are talking to my mom and they said that she is a cousin of mine and is coming to live with me.”
“Wow! I never imagined. But how, I mean you and her and..” her voice trailed off.

I’m coming over in about five minutes.” “Don’t bring anyone.” I said. Click! She hung up the phone. I walked into my dining room and there was Shayla coming in the front door with TONS of bags! I was in disbelief. I almost fainted.
“Sh… Sh ..Shayla.” I stuttered.
“Yeah?” She asked.
“Why are you staying here?”
“Well The press is way too much for me and my mom and your dad are biological siblings.” She answered politely.
“Wow this is crazy, but didn’t you just book a movie. I heard they were looking for more actors?”
“They are and they asked me to find two talented girls around the ages of thirteen and fourteen.” She replied.
“Wow! This is my chance to break free! And this means mad popularity and fame oh and money.” I thought to myself.
“But one thing umm Nikki, don’t tell anyone!” Shayla answered wearily.
“About You staying here.” I asked nervously.
“Exactly.” She paused. “You haven’t told anyone, right?”
”Well….” I said. Then there was a sudden knock on the door.
“I’ll go get that.” I smiled with relief.
“Hey Nikki!” Amy exclaimed.
“Hey Happy birthday!” I replied.
“What’s wrong.” She asked
“Nothing just I can’t tell anyone about Shay!” I said sadly.
“But why not! This mean mega popularity and like a million homecoming votes!” She said with enthusiasm.
“No Shayla said not to!”
“Hi you must be Amy.” Shayla interrupted.
“It’s really you! And you know my name!! Awesome”@ Amy exclaimed.”
Amy looked at the clock!
“My party!” She said loudly.
“Are you coming Nikki?
“Duh!” I replied.
“Oh Nikki I’m sorry but you can’t, I mean this is a big shock for us all.” My mom interrupted.
“Why not”! I asked angrily.
“Nicole Alice Remington do not use that tone of voice with me, you are grounded!” My mom retorted back.
“Bye Amy.” I said sadly.
“Hello Mrs.Remington.” Shayla said.
“Hi Shayla you can call me Katelyn.
“Mom, I need to go to the mall’s art store to get some supplies for my banner. I interrupted
“You’re grounded remember?” My mom said.
“Please at least let me work on something!” I cried.
“Well we will spend no more than an hour in there.” My mom replied.
“Shay Do you want to go.” I asked.
Realizing my mistake I said “Wait never mind.”
I felt ridiculous.
“Hey Nikki do you by any chance have a blonde wig?” Shayla grinned.
Shay was at least 5’6in. She had long brown hair and sapphire blue eyes. She was a very friendly person. She had beautiful clothes, but she looked like she was doing her laundry in the outfit she was wearing.
“Yes I do.” I replied.
I knew exactly where she was going with this.
About half an hour later we came out of my room and Shay looked completely different!
She was wearing a medium-length Blonde wig with dark blonde highlights in it.
He had on a Tan tank top with a dark brown cropped jacket. She had on a pair of medium stonewash jeans with pre-made rips and gold pocket details. She had a pair of Brown flats on. Luckily we could fit each other’s clothes and shoes which was definitely a plus for me! But I looked a little like Shay. I had dark brown curly hair all down past my bra strap. I had the same sapphire blue eyes. I was fourteen years old and she had just turned fifteen. I was built the same way I was about 5’5in. And I was about 110 pounds. We looked alike now that she was wearing the wig and wearing pretty much the same makeup as me. We could pass as sisters!

When we arrived at the mall I saw my crush, Chris. He was gorgeous, or at least I thought so. He was naturally tanned. He had shaggy brown hair and was about 5’7. He probably didn’t know I existed. I bet if I told him Shayla was my cousin he would.
I focused on the art shop.
“Mom all I need is a banner and some paint, markers ,pens ,glitter ,streamers , balloons, and umm… an autograph.
Shayla grinned. “I’ll do it for you. Since I’m undercover I couldn’t play at your school but I can make a call.”
Shay was so nice and generous.
“Thank you so much Shay. Do you mind of I call you Shay?”
“No problem and yes you can.” She replied.
“Nikki” I heard a name calling for me.
It was Chris. All I was thinking was what does he want!
“Hey what’s up?” I asked.
“Nothing I just saw you and decided to say hi. And to let you know that I’m voting for you as homecoming queen. Chris replied.
“Aw your so sweet.” I smiled.
“Catch you later he said as he ran off.”
”Your so sweet… what was I thinking I must be dropping way too many hints!” I thought to myself.
My mom came out with the art supplies and we left.

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