At a Sleepover...

October 24, 2007
By melissa hurtado, Ocala, FL

There I was sitting in a sleeping bag at a sleepover with three of my friends. Am Melanie Lopez. My friends and I love reading and now was scary story time. This was the part of every sleepover that everyone loved. The book we had chosen from the library was filled with legends of mummies, vampires, witches, and ghost. The last story in the book was a story that included all of those. This got me interested and so I started reading it. “to make these creatures appear you must have a full moon on Halloween night and you must say the following lines!” I paused as I was reading. I didn’t really believe in ghosts but the thought of having one here was very exciting. When I read all the instructions I remembered that tomorrow was Halloween and according to the meteorologer tomorrow was the 1st full moon in the start of winter.

I fell asleep with the book in my hands. The next morning I told my friends everything I knew. Then we gathered some money and we went to buy the ingredients. When everything was set up and the moon started coming up we got ready. We each dressed as one of the creatures and then we joined hands. When the moon was fully up, together we said “oh vampires, mummies, ghosts, and witches come at the crack of moonlight and grant our wishes.” for a moment nothing happened. Then all of a sudden my eyesight was very well and I could smell mortals within miles and miles away. We decided nothing had happened so we gave up and went to sleep.

For the next two days I was acting very weird. Then on the 3rd day is when everything changed. so here’s what happened. I was at the table eating breakfast and then I developed an appetite for orange juice so without even thinking I put my finger up and the orange juice carton came floating in the air to me! No body else so saw it so I decided it was my imagination. Then that day, whenever I wanted something I put my finger up and move it so then what I wanted happened. My friends each had problems too. Sarah the one that had dressed up as a ghost was now loosing her color and Britney, the one dressed as a vampire, loved the color red. The weirdest thing was that massie, the one that was a mummy, loved toilet paper. We decided something very weird was happening so we each skipped school on Friday. I hurried home and when I found the book I saw the problem.. You see after putting in each ingredient we each were supposed to wish for something and Sarah had wished we were each those creatures! So we only had ten days to reverse the spell or if not we were doomed.

We quickly tried other spells but nothing worked. We decided it was time to go back home so we could think over a good night sleep. The next morning I froze my dog, ate a little girl, and scared everyone. That very same day Britney grew fangs and used them to get blood out of people’s necks. It was very nasty. She 1st acted like if she was very nice but then Boom! She would charge at them like nothing else mattered. One girl who was not easy getting blood out of Britney kept on biting her and then when she finally gave in bright red blood poured down from the neck and suddenly the girl couldn’t stand anymore so she fell on the concrete and cracked her skull. Britney drank the blood like water and seemed to be happier than ever.

For the next 3 days we were under that same spell. Then on Friday, when we only had 5 days left my little brother says something. He says “weirdo get apart from me.” And then I wasn’t under the spell anymore. Suddenly I wasn’t a witch anymore. I said those lines to my friends but nothing happen. In 3 more days they started changing appearance. Soon enough they were monsters. 2 weeks before thanksgiving they killed nearly the whole town. On the next week was the 10th day and the curse was on permanently. That next day when I woke up everyone was dead.My parents were on the floor with cracked spines and skull bleeding like animals. My little brother and I were the only town’s members who weren’t dead and then I felt a cold chill down my spine and suddenly I knew that we were NEXT!

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