Through the Fire and the Rain, the True Meaning of Love

October 22, 2007
Alyssa is a young girl, who transferred to A.H.S, standing for Antillais High School”. She was glad to finally get enrolled into this school, since it is one of the best school in the list of school in Port Au Prince, and because most of her friends went there, new experiments was what she was feeling right now and that’s what she needed, a new experiment would start for her and yet she was grateful to be selected in one of the best high school, because it was awarded great school to score high on the officials tests. But see, this is what only people knew about, no one, I mean no one, teachers, students would actually dare tell a soul what was really going on deep inside the body of the school, since everyone were protecting their lives, and especially nobody would come close to the clique so called “Finest Peep of AHS” they were knows more likely for being dangerous, that is actually the least of information you could get from the students, because this gang didn’t play with anybody, but of course, the administrators are denying the quiet protests of some students who were victims from the gang. But for a second you would actually think this gang, didn’t care about school, or you would think they were in school because they were forced to be there, since they wanted to be bad, school wouldn’t be the best place for them? Since as I know, there are no Colleges who permit to have a bachelor degree on being B.D.S, standing for Bad, Dangerous and Scary.

At lunch, Alyssa felt comfortable being in the company of her dear friends, not paying much attention of where she was heading, she tripped and fell, the ice cream she was enjoying ended on Melissa’s face and hair, One word of precaution: You don’t want to play or mess with Melissa, she is the head of the gang.
“Oh my God, I am really sorry, so sorry of what happen, I didn’t mean to do this” Alyssa said, meaning every word. Alyssa was circled by the squad, Melissa and the other girls were staring at her, dead in the eye, one of them was even too close to her face, at first she thought it was a big joke, but when everybody from lunch started to back away, or go somewhere else, she started to panic ‘Dear God help me’ she thought silently.
“ I knew you did this on purpose, because you are new here, you think you slick, I know I wouldn’t get along with your lil skinny shape head since the beginning” Melissa insulted her,
“Now I said I was sorry, and I meant everything, but ha Heck No I am sorry you don’t have the right to first of all step on my face like you’re doing right now, and because your breath is not what I want to inhale, and you don’t have any rights to disrespect me like this” she stand for herself proudly of her answer, she asked for strength and now she was getting it. In fact she heard about this crew, but she refused to be intimidated by them. Melissa started to fuss as if she was burn by the sun. Standing with the gang, he suddenly felt stupid, and embarrassed, he liked how she stand up for herself, she didn’t let Melissa make her doubt about her self esteem, from this moment on, he vow he wouldn’t let nothing happen to her, yet he couldn’t help it to think, how she intrigue him, Alyssa felt the stare, and she gaze him with her eyes, sending a special message, one that means, he wasn’t welcome at all.

The next day Mr Mysterious guy, DeShawn was glad to lastly get a chance to see Alyssa, she, in her side spotted him, gave him the dead stare, ignore him and keep on laughing with her friends. He tucked his book bag under his arm, and head to her way.
“Hey Alyssa what’s up” he speak out, with his baritone deep voice, but still a voice that shows he was a teenager.
“Oh! Well let see, if you actually got out of the way and let me enjoy this beautiful view, basically that’s what’s up” she sarcastically said. The laugh started once again, but he didn’t give up on talking to her.
“Can I talk to you for a moment, I mean privately” she rolled her big pretty eyes at him, but for some reasons, she couldn’t ignore him at all,
“I don’t know can you talk to me?” she smiled at him; this smile was everything of an answer he was looking for.
“Ok first of all, I would like to excuse my friends on attacking you the way they did recently, by the way my name is DeShawn” he presented her his hand, she grabbed it and shake it firmly. Then that is how she made herself a new friend. Melissa wasn’t please with the picture of smile and laughter she was seeing on DeShawn and Alyssa’s faces this actually look grotesque to her, anger, hell itself start on burning deep within her.
“ I hate the guts of that girl, I need to expelled her out in my way, like ASAP, because I can’t take much of her smart mouth around me, I demand water right now” she highly praised out loud to one of the innocents who had to be a victims from her tortures.
“Yes Melissa, she’s what I call our big challenge so far, by the time we said Abracadabra, she will be out of here” Andrea, one of her close confident, says
“No worries, baby girl got it all under control, got it all figure at, no worries, just sit back and enjoy my show, I meant our show” Melissa gave her an hi5 in the air, to approve her plan.

DeShawn grow to like Alyssa’s personality, she did like him also he turn out to be someone way different she first imagine when she first saw him, they were so close that you couldn’t dare separate them for just a minute, as for the gang, he didn’t talk to them at all and Melissa just hated the way he was ignoring her.

Alyssa quickly ran into the restroom, before she entered, she saw guys from the senior class, waiting outside close to the girl’s restroom ‘they probably waiting on their girlfriends’ she assumed, while she was inside her nostrils was filled with an odd odor coming from somewhere, she wasn’t sure where it was coming from, but it wasn’t good at all, she didn’t wait another minutes to get out when the door was by surprise shut and was locked, she tried her best to push it, but nothing didn’t happen, panic, stressed out, tears came out from her eyes, she cry out loud for help, she was going to loose her voice if it meant to find help that way, but it look more as if she didn’t do anything, now she could identified with the flare of her nose something close to her was burning, but what? She asked silently with much more panic, she truly wanted to get out since the little piece was getting hot as if she was in hell, the smell was enough to kill somebody without an instant. “Oh my Goodness, fire, fire, help help, anybody please, someone come help me please,” Frustration took the best of her, when she thought she would never see her family, her friends and DeShawn.
Back in the top building, classes were evacuated fast enough to rescue part of the school, DeShawn was desperately searching for her, panic got into him when he saw Alyssa’s friend Kayla. Her cries and sobs alarm them, they both headed to the restroom. Despite the flames Alyssa didn’t want to give up even though realistically there was no way to escape from this nightmare, just then an idea came out from the restroom without forgetting to say her prayer “Lord, my life is in your hands” tears fell down her cheeks as if they were coming out a water fountain, the boys restroom were connected to the girls, there was a space, separating them both just as she jump, the whole restroom was on fire, if she didn’t broke a bone at least to save herself this fire would get her, she hurt her knee at the attempts of the jump, satisfied with her plan, she ran to the door, trying to escape this dreadful moment, still she couldn’t believe it.
“Alyssa, sasa, girl where are you sweetie” Kayla cried out loud to find her traces, still no responses. Hope went flashing to her eyes, as she heard her name, coming from just somewhere, she just couldn’t identify who that voice belonged to, she bang in the door really loud letting them know she wasn’t far away from them.
“Let’s check the restroom” DeShawn said already ahead of Kayla who was out of breath from the running and attempts to save Alyssa. The girl’s restroom was completely destroyed.
“Alyssa” Kayla Gasped “Oh! My God, there is her body laying”, without thinking they ran to rescue her, DeShawn took her in his arms, she looked so weak, you could tell by the mark that she was fighting through the fire and through this rain to save her life, she was her own Hero in his eyes, they took her to the lobby notifying that they founded her, in pretty critical conditions, but she open her eyes, and smiled at them
“Hey you guys” she whispered
“Hey beautiful, you have no idea how scared we were, I thank God that you are now saved” DeShawn said, Kayla was just smiling through her tears of joy. Alyssa look deep into their eyes and she felt completely loved, they were her Heroes, risking their own lives to save hers, despite of the pain she had coming from her knee, joy was flowing through her like a river and knowing that the other students won’t have to walk in fear at the school because the so called “A.H.S finest Peep” were going through trials and will be behind bars for attempting of murder and for other account.”

~Thank God almighty~

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