Abriella Rolliston

October 22, 2007
By Lindsay Sensoli, Fenton, MI

“I love you,” Abriella Rolliston spoke as tears rolled down her face. She closed her bright blue eyes. “I love you, too Abby,” Brody Mathison spoke as he wiped the tears falling from her eyes. He tucked a strand of her straight golden blonde hair behind her left ear. “But I can’t put your life in danger…. not for anything. I couldn’t bear to lose you. That’s why I have to walk away,” Brody said as he tore his hand away from hers and began to walk to her front door. “Wait! I don’t understand! Why would you put my life in danger? Brody!” She collapsed onto the wooden floor. Trying his best to ignore her, Brody opened the steel door and headed towards his teal green 2009 Mercedes Benz. As soon as he was in the driver’s seat, he closed his green eyes shut as he tried his best to ignore his feelings. Abby tried to stop her uncontrollable crying, but failed. She got up off of the floor and went over to check if Brody was still there. Ditto. She went to the puffy couch and sat down. Abby thought of what to do next.

Jennifer Rolliston was tired of her life. Everything was going wrong. Her fiancée of two years had just died in a fatal car accident, and her mind was racing. Her little sister Abby was dealing with her own problems at the moment. Abby was in love with Brody. Jen knew Brody all too well. When Jen was in college during her freshman year, she was approached by a man offering her a job to work in the CIA. She couldn’t pass up the chance of a lifetime. Brody was her handler or boss, sort of. He taught her the ropes. Jen loved her little sister more than anything. Even though they were biological sisters, they looked nothing alike. Jen had medium brown hair and it was shoulder length. She had bright brown chestnut eyes. Jen was about 5’9’’, and around 110 pounds. Abby had pin-straight golden long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. She was about 5’8’’ and 105 pounds. Even though both siblings were tall, thin, and very attractive, they were also very different.
Abby thought she needed a guy to take care of her. Jen knew her little sister way better than anyone, maybe even Abby herself. Jen knew Abby didn’t need anyone to take care of her. Jen thought Abby was a great person, inside and out. Abby was very stubborn, good willed, and attractive. She would be a very good agent, Jen had always thought. Jen worked with Brody, and when she first knew that Brody and Abby were together, she was furious. Jen had been working for the CIA for almost four years now, and she knew what they could do. After Matt Thomas had proposed to her, she couldn’t bear to hold the secret in any longer. She knew what she could be doing, but she didn’t ever think it would happen. The head of CIA, Robert Sloane, had told her never to reveal that she worked for the CIA. It would not only protect her safety, but keep the safety of her relatives and loved ones, and the information of the world protected and secure. She had told Matt the worst thing she could’ve. Jen told him that she worked for the CIA. He was “accidentally” killed in an assassination to his life. If he would’ve told anyone that she worked for them, the world could’ve been blown apart just by one person. If the information got into the wrong hands, it could’ve gotten ugly.

Jen loved her sister and cared for Brody, and when she heard the not-so-good news, she wasn’t exactly thrilled. When Abby and Brody first started dating, didn’t know they were sisters. Jen’s black Razr went off, startling her out of her thoughts. She dug it out of her jean pocket and quickly scanned the caller id. Abby. She knew what this was about. Brody had just broken up with her, she guessed. He had told Jen that he was going to do it. After seeing what the truth could do, he was scared Abby would end up like Matt. He never wanted that to happen. He loved her too much to have that happen. She prepared herself for the tough conversation ahead of her.

Brody had just gotten onto the 101 when his cell rang. He combed his fingers through his short brown hair. Brody unclipped his silver Razr from the headset and flipped it open, not bothering to check the caller id first. “Yeah?” He questioned. “Hey babe! It’s Marissa. Umm, I’m just wondering if ya wanna get a bite to eat tonight at PURE. Tanner’s off shooting some music video of his, it’s a Friday night, we live in LA, and I’m bored.” Brody loved his little sister to death. Sometimes though, he just wasn’t in the mood to deal with her talkative hyperness. “Sounds good. What time?” “Uh, let me check my schedule.” She paused for a moment to check her BlackBerry’s calendar. “Around eight thirtyish. That good for you?” “Yeah, that’s fine.” “Kay big bro, see ya soon. Bring Abby if ya want!” Brody smiled at his sister’s personality. She was too nice and cheery sometimes. He really didn’t feel like getting into the whole Abby mess. “Well we broke up, so she won’t be coming.” Oh em gee! I can’t believe it! She was like the big sister I never had. Brody! I’m sorry Bro, you seemed like you really liked her.” “Thanks Riss. Yeah, but I’ll see ya tonight. Love you bye.” “Love you bye.” Brody flipped his phone shut and clipped it back on the case. His mind began to wander. He really loved Abby. He loved everything about her. Her smile, her gorgeous bright blue eyes, her laugh, her body, her hands, the way her hair smelled when they laid close together, how good her hands felt in his, he could go on forever. His line of work was getting more dangerous by the minute, and he couldn’t put her in danger for anything in the world. And he couldn’t exactly tell her he worked for one of the most powerful companies in the world. He didn’t think she would have quite an easy time accepting that. He wanted her by his side now more than ever, but he would have to make it through this rut alone.

“I know, but we were doing great, Jen! Nothing was going wrong, at least not in my mind. I don’t know what to do! I really love him.” Abby spoke, losing her breath. “Hey, calm down, sis. I love you more than anyone on this planet, but I can say that living with you for nineteen years taught me a lot about you. I’m pretty sure I know you better than anyone. There will be other Brody’s for you-““I don’t want any other Brody except him!” “Okay, sorry but you need to move on! Abby, your twenty years old! I’m twenty-five. I think I understand just a little more than you. Doesn’t mean I don’t love you any less.” “I know, Jen. Listen, I gotta go. Hey, you wanna come to PURE with me and Becca? You can bring Lexi If ya want. We’re gonna celebrate bein’ single for once. Okay, let’s face it, I need a designated driver. Kay?” Abby asked in her most loving voice. “Okay, but we’re leaving early……joking. Ha yeah right. I’ll be dragging you out of there after closing, knowing you.” Jen joked. “Ugh. Whatever, be ready by nine since we live like, five minutes away from it.” “Kay Ab, love you. See you soon.” Abby flipped her hot pink Razr shut. She pulled down her cocoa brown undershirt and then her light tea green shirt followed. She patted her Abercrombie blue jeans and plopped down on her comfy brown couch. She channel –surfed for a while, then turned off the flat screen and sat there for a moment before heading into her room. She passed Jen’s room and stopped. She went to Jen’s doorknob and opened it. She really admired her big sister for being there for her, even through the hardest times in her life. Now that she is a little more grown up, she understood everything that Jen did for her. When Abby was eighteen, Jen wanted to move. She had a nice beachfront condo picked out and paid for, all of her things were packed, but she couldn’t leave her little sister. Brody was going to move in with Abby, but Jen just couldn’t do it. Brody and Abby had only been dating for two years at the time anyway, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to move in with her. So he was relieved when Jen told him he didn’t have to now.

Abby entered Jen’s room. It was nothing like hers. Jen’s walls were painted a shade of light blue. Her closet contained a few pairs of flip-flops, a couple pairs of high heels all in black, and a few pairs of her favorite slip ons. She had lots of nice tops and slacks, but her wardrobe was way too professional for Abby’s liking. She closed the closet door and went to her desk. Jen’s laptop was in perfect place along with everything else in her room. She looked underneath her king-sized bed and saw the familiar lock box safe. She had always wondered what was inside of that little black box, but she never dared to ask Jen. She obviously kept it hidden for a reason. When she was done doing her occasional snooping, Abby headed into her own room and plopped down on her own king-sized bed. She played with the end of her frayed bright blue bedspread. It was cute. She loved it. It was bright neon blue with lime green and hot pink vertical stripes down it. Her pillows and sheets matched perfectly as well. Abby’s walls were covered in a hot pink coating. She got to do her room for her 16th birthday, all thanks to Jen. Plus, she got a BMW 300 and a really big party at AREA. The total price was about three hundred and fifty thousand dollars, but Jen had it. When her parents died, Jen inherited one hundred and nineteen million dollars. Their father worked as a global scientist for his whole entire life. Their mother was a forensic scientist and a doctor in her spare time. Together, Susan and Tyler were worth one hundred and nineteen million dollars, and Abby had absolutely no idea. Jen donated one hundred million to charity, and kept the nineteen million for her and Abby when she was eighteen. She never got around to telling Abby because she didn’t’ want Abby to think she could do whatever she wanted, and she wanted her to have at least a little respect and not be a complete brat. Abby really didn’t know how much money she had because she never looked at the price tag when she shopped at Barney’s or Louis Vuitton, or any other high-priced store for that matter. Abby got up, went over to her laptop, and checked if Brody was on. Nope. Her best friend would do.
ShoWStoPpeR19: hey B>. Wat is happenin’ chiki?
PrettyinpinkPrincess13: hey gorgeous. Nm here, wbu?
ShoWStoPpeR19: me n brody are dunzo. You wanna come to PURE 2nite with me and my sis and one of her buds?
PrettyinpinkPrincess13: omg im sooo sorry chicki! But im kinda happy for you. Finally got rid of that loser. duh! U kno ill be there gf!lol wat time at PURE?
ShoWStoPpeR19: ugh.silly goose. 9ish. Kk ill callyou l8ter gater. Iloveyoubye Becca!<3
PrettyinpinkPrincess13:kk I loveyou Abbers. Smooches.!<3

As Abby got ready for the night ahead of her, Jen came walking through the doors. “Hey gorgeous!” Abby called down the hallway while in the bathroom curling her golden locks. “Hey Abby!” Jen called from the kitchen. She opened the fridge and threw her water in the top rack. She shut the door and headed to get ready also. After a few more hours of decisions the girls were looking glamorous and ready to party. Abby thought she was looking pretty hot. She had on her new Dolce & Gabbana dress she just bought. It was dark purple with a black sash belt and swirls of light pink in the material. It had a light pink lining underneath it. The dress was not only pretty, but a pretty penny. Abby was wearing light purple eye shadow and a pink clear Dior gloss on her lips. She had a strand of blonde hair pulled back from either side of her face in bobby pins. The rest of her hair was curled. Jen thought she looked glamorous, just as Abby wanted. It turned out that Becca couldn’t come tonight because her mother made her study for her SAT’s. Sucked to be her. Jen was breathtaking. She had on a little black dress from Versace, the only piece of designer clothing she had. It had a turquoise sash belt, and fit perfectly on her body. It was low-cut and looked perfect on her. Her hair was simple. She had it half-way up in bobby pins. Her make-up fit her style, and the sisters looked gorgeous. Abby was amazed when she saw how gorgeous her sister looked. She had never seen her any more beautiful. Abby knew she was having a rough time. Matt was a cool guy. Abby like him a lot. He was going to be her brother-in-law. He always bought her gifts and acted like a real father-figure to her. Watching her sister-the most important person in the world to her-lose the man she loved, knowing she could never kiss him or be with him again was hard for Abby. Knowing Jen was hurting hurt Abby. Abby was glad Jen was finally moving forward with her life.

“Brody!” Marissa shouted as she burst into a smile and held out her arms for a hug. “Hey, Marissa!” His green eyes glimmered in the club’s lights. “How ya been, buddy?” Marissa wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a quick peck. He patted her on the head and messed her hair up. He knew she hated that, and that’s why he did it. He smiled and kissed on the forehead as she whined in agony. They got a booth by the door and relaxed to the music. Brody and Marissa made conversation for about an hour, and then decided to hit the dance floor. They partied until about eight forty five, then went back to their booth to cool down. Brody was still a little uptight about Abby, but he was trying his best to forget about her. At least for now.

“Oh this is my favorite song! Turn it up!” Abby said as she reached for the knob. Jen slapped her hand as Abby attempted to turn the volume even more louder than it already was. She grabbed the wheel to the brand-new Trail Blazer and continued driving. “Come on Ab, this isn’t music, it sounds like someone mumbling into a speaker,” Jen replied as she locked the keypad to the knob. “Oh, you party pooper!” Abby crossed her arms and pouted for a minute, then gave up realizing she wasn’t going to get her way. Jen smiled in satisfaction and unlocked the keypad unleashing the blare of humming garbage. Abby smiled.

PURE was packed at this time of night. Everyone who was anyone was there, especially on a Friday night. Abby and Jen cut through the line. She ignored the not-so-nice insults as the body guard led the way in. With about one hundred and fifty people in line, Abby knew the owner of PURE, so they were first in. “Let’s get this party started!” She shouted, and then it began.

As soon as he heard the familiar loud and sweet tone of Abby’s voice, Brody looked up, and surely enough, looking as beautiful as ever, there she stood. He looked away, his heart pounding faster and faster by the second. He could still see her giggling and laughing out of the corner of his eye. He also spotted Jen. He couldn’t help but stare at her, either. As Jen and Abby headed towards their table, Abby and Brody locked eyes. She held back with all of her might to start crying. She tore her gaze away from him and onto Marissa. Marissa was seventeen, and while they had known each other, they were like sisters to each other when Jen was gone off on a mission. They had also attended Brooksten High School together. Abby loved to do Marissa’s curly black hair and she loved to put makeup on her pretty brown eyes. Marissa and Brody looked a lot alike. Abby calmly walked over to their table. “Hey Brody. Hey Riss!” She flashed him a million dollar smile and abruptly looked away to Marissa. Marissa stood flashing Brody a dirty look for not doing the same. He caught her signal and stood. Marissa quickly sat back down and motioned for her to do the same. She denied the invitation politely. Brody made a surprising move. He grabbed Abby’s hand, not sure why he was doing what he was. He took her aside and kissed her on the cheek, still holding her hand in his. “I just wanted to apologize for acting like an ass. I know I didn’t give you a very good explanation of why I broke up with you and I just wanted to say I’m sorry for hurting you. We’ve been together for almost five years now, and it was a crappy way to break up. I still love you, but-“ She pulled her hand away from him his and put her finger to his lips. She smiled at him.”It’s okay, you obviously did it for a reason,” She smiled at him and walked away to the bar where her sister was objecting politely to a free drink. Brody returned to his seat, where now his buddies Spencer Matthews, Chase Arbon, and Logan Baron had arrived. Spencer was Brody’s best friend. They had grown up together, and he had consoled Brody whenever he got into a fight with Abby. Once again, there Spencer was to the rescue. “Great speech, loser. You’ll really get her back now. Oh come on, Brody! Tell your pervert friends to get a life and quit hitting on me. Ugh,” Marissa spoke as she got up and headed to the dance floor to flirt with a hot guy. “So Brody, how’s life doin’ for ya besides Abriella?”Logan spoke to his old friend. “Alright, my man. How ‘bout you?” “Oh I’m doin’ good. I’m single and lovin’ it,” Logan replied. “So how’s your new wife treating you, Chase?” Brody grilled as he sipped his vodka and lime juice. “Zoe and I are doing great, and Chance misses you. That’s all I hear anymore is “Where is uncle Brody, daddy?” Lord. You need to visit more. So why did you break up with Abby? You guys seemed like you were doing well,” Chance replied as he stretched his arms out as far as he could to stretch. “I love her; it’s just not working out. She’s an amazing girl. I just can’t keep her safe, and if I ever put her life in danger again, I don’t think I could live with myself,” Brody replied. The four boys had all worked at the agency together, but a case and a few bad decisions had gotten the three boys demoted to desk jobs, leaving Brody with a promotion for doing the right thing. “Enough with the girl talk guys, I’m a bachelor over here, excuse me,” Spencer interrupted. “I’ll drink to that,” Logan agreed as the boys all put in their drinks for a cheer. They clinked glasses and finished off the rest of their drinks. Brody was going to need a lot more of those to forget about the love of his life even for just one night.

While the boys were being boys, they left the girls to play. Abby was partying it up with a hot Russian guy named Rivan. He was dangerously sexy, and had an interesting element to him. Abby just had to know what it was. While Rivan was buying her drinks and dancing with her, Jen was being charmed by the lovely bartender serving her with conversation and free drinks. While the oh-so-responsible Jen knew her limit, little-miss-partier Abby didn’t. When Jen scanned her watch, she gave Abby a few more moments and went to find her after politely leaving a generous tip to the bartender. She found Abby on Rivan’s lap. “Uh oh, Brody’s not gone yet, this could get ugly,” Jen thought to herself as she went to retrieve her sister. Rivan was gently kissing Abby’s neck while whispering sweet nothings into her ear. Jen hoped she could get there before Brody noticed they were gone. Too late. Jen watched as all hell broke loose. “Abby, let me take you home. Come on,” Brody spoke as he detached her arms around Rivan’s neck. He started to pick her up when Rivan set her down in the booth and blocked his way. By that time, a small crowed started to form around them. Excuse me, I’d like to get her and get out of here please. I don’t want any trouble,” Brody politely commanded. “I don’t think so sir, she’ll be fine here with me. I mean, it’s not like you actually give a damn about her,” Rivan shot back with a glare. Brody lost it. He pulled back and punched Rivan hard in the jaw, sending him tripping over the booth and onto Abby, who was passed out now. Brody reached for his shirt, pulled him up and gave him another punch. He went for a third but missed, and Rivan got his chance. Rivan punched him hard in the gut leaving Brody breathless. He got one more punch in and busted Brody’s lip. Brody flew up, ripping into the stupid man. He punched the pulp out of Rivan until the club manager came and broke them up. Rivan went to his car and left. As soon as Brody regained his composure, he gently carried Abby out to his black 2009 Escalade. Jen had already left, knowing Brody would take care of her. He did his best to buckle her in, and drove her home. His mind was racing and lip was throbbing as he entered Civil Parkway. He turned left onto Midway Road. Then he made another left onto Right Way. Brody pulled into third mansion on the left. Their house wasn’t as big as Brody’s, but it was big. He liked it more than his though because their house was a home. Plus, it was way more modern than his old Victorian. He pulled up and parked in the two car garage. He got out, opened Abby’s door and carried her on his shoulder to the door in the garage. Brody typed in the secret pass code and the door clicked as it unlocked. He opened the steel door and entered the house. He knew this place like the back of his hand. He opened Abby’s door and gently laid her down on her comfy bed. Brody put her underneath the covers as best he could, kissed her forehead, and sat there a moment before leaving. Ever since he joined the CIA as an advanced computer tech when he was sixteen, he hadn’t been able to sleep at night. The paranoia of being an agent and keeping your life in danger twenty four seven was crazy. He could handle having his life in danger; he didn’t care. But to put others in danger was a completely different story. He continued to go to high school, still not realizing the importance of keeping his mouth shut. His Father was an agent, but was killed in the crossfire when Brody was only five. He left Brody and his mom, Susan, to fend for themselves. Then, when he was nine, Brody’s mom was murdered in a burglary, leaving Brody to and Marissa who was four to live with their Uncle Bill in New Jersey. When Brody turned fifteen, he got his driver’s license and headed out to California with Marissa, who was ten. Now here they were, 7 years later. Brody met Abby when he was nineteen, and he really fell hard for her, not knowing how bad it would hit him. She was only sixteen, and still in school. They met at Tiffany’s Jewelers. He was buying a diamond necklace for his sister. It was her fourteenth birthday, and she really deserved it. As soon as they saw each other, attraction struck. He stumbled all over himself as Abby helped him search for the perfect necklace for Marissa. Together, they found the perfect one. It had a white gold chain and the diamond was 2 karats. It was stunningly beautiful. Growing up as a gentleman, Brody resisted the urge to ask for her number. She smiled at him and walked out of his life-or so he thought.

Brody surfaced back to reality. He was back in Abby’s room watching her sleep, one of his favorite hobbies. He swiped a piece of golden hair out of her face. Brody got up and took one last glance at her before he exited her room. He went to leave but stopped in his tracks when he heard his name. He spun around and found Jen hanging on her steel door frame in her purple silk night gown. “Hey, Jen,” Brody said rubbing his neck. “Hey. Is she sleeping?” Jen asked as she pointed with her thumb to Abby’s door. Brody smiled. “Yeah. I’m pretty sure if you picked her up and dropped her right now she wouldn’t feel a thing,” Brody joked. “Brody, I just wanted to thank you for giving her up right now. I know it was hard and-“ “Do you? Because the last time I checked, you don’t know what it’s like to lose somebody you love. I had to let her go and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. You got what you wanted. You knew not to tell Matt, but you went ahead and did anyway, killing an innocent man-“ “How dare you! I didn’t mean for Matt to get killed, I just couldn’t bear keeping the secret any longer. I guess you’re right, then. I killed a man in cold blood,” Jen interrupted. She gave him one more glance before walking away into her bedroom. Brody went to speak but then stopped. He pressed his eyes shut and opened them, walking to his car. He didn’t mean to be so insensitive about the truth.

Jen went into her dull room and collapsed onto her fluffy bed. She waited for the noisy click of the door and let the tears flow from her eyes. Even though what Brody said was harsh, it was the truth. She technically hadn’t killed Matt, she had just signed his death certificate, that’s all.

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