Would You Rather...

October 22, 2007
By Erin Martin, Congers, NY

Ring, Ring. Kelly’s alarm clock went off; she moaned and hit the snooze button. The alarm went off again and again; Kelly rolled out of bed to get ready for school. Kelly got up, jumped in the shower and put her soccer jersey on. Kelly had a soccer game almost everyday after school. Kelly was the captain of the team and everyone on the team idolized her. After Kelly was all ready she walked up to the bus stop and got on the bus. Kelly specifically sat down right next to Sean. Kelly had a crush on Sean ever since the 10th grade. Sean just recently broke up with his girlfriend and Kelly saw this as her chance to win him over. Kelly flirted with Sean the whole way to school, fixing her hair and giggling. When Kelly got to school, she ran to her group of friends and asked them if they could find out if Sean liked her. Kelly’s friends flipped out on her because she wasn’t spending any time with them. They knew that she would make up some excuse of why she wasn’t hanging out with them since she has been known to lie. Her friends said that they weren’t doing her dirty work and then she would just leave them flat. Kelly said she was sorry, but she has been really busy with soccer and dealing with her uncle’s cancer that she just hasn’t been able to hangout with them. After fighting they decided Kelly was going to hangout with them on Friday, November 12th, which was in two weeks because that would work for everyone’s schedule. As typical teenagers Kelly’s friends were mad at her even though they said everything was settled. All week Kelly was trying to get Sean to ask her out. Kelly and her friends were excited to get to hang out with her and they were all okay with Kelly.

On Thursday November 11th Sean asked Kelly to go to the Red Lobster for dinner. Kelly said was so happy and said yes immediately. Sean said he would pick her up at 6:30. Kelly was couldn’t stop telling everyone. When she told her friends Friday morning, Kelly couldn’t have been happier. Kelly’s friends were so mad at her, and they were yelling at her that they were supposed to hang out today and then said their friendship was over and walked away. Kelly just stood there and took it. Kelly couldn’t decide if she was going to go out with her friends or Sean. All day Kelly was debating what to do and couldn’t decide. Kelly really wanted to go out with Sean, but owed it to her friends to go out with them. At 2:00 when the bell rang one of Kelly’s friends came up to her and said, “We decided to give you once last chance. You have one minute: who’s it going to be us or him”? Kelly didn’t answer for a while and just stood there. Kelly said she was sorry, and she would have to call them later because she just has not made up her mind. Her friend rolled her eyes and said, “Whatever, you better think about this good”.

When Kelly got home she saw her mother was so happy she asked what was going on. Her mother said, “Kelly, the doctors said that your uncle is responding so well to the chemotherapy that he is expected to fight though this stage and is going to live much longer than expected.” Kelly was so excited and relieved for her uncle until she thought about the choice that she still has to make. Her mom shouted from the other room, “Kelly, get dressed! We’re going to have dinner at your uncles at 5:30”. Kelly dropped down on the couch and sighed as she though to her self should she go out with her uncle, her boyfriend or her friends.

“What to do?” Kelly has never had to make a major decision like this before. She figured that if she went to her uncle’s house Sean would think that she is always going to cancel on him and her friends would leave her and wouldn’t be friends with her anymore. If she went out with Sean her friends will not be friends with her anymore and if they got mean they might make up rumors about her and tell Sean. Her family would be upset that she wasn’t there, but she though that they would forgive her. She decided that if she chose to go out with her friends then Sean would feel hurt and disappointed and her family would feel the same way.

After debating with herself she decided that she would have to go out with her family and see her uncle. She had an hour to get ready and she started by calling Sean. She told him that she was really sorry and that she would make it up to him. He said that he was a little disappointed, but that it was no problem and that they would go out next week. She said he was so great and she couldn’t wait until next week. They hung up the phone and she felt relieved. After that was settled she called her friends and told them that she was going to be with her uncle and couldn’t hang out with them. They were so mad at her and they said that they didn’t believe her. They thought that she was going out with Sean and said “that’s it we’ve given you over enough chances- were not friends anymore!” They hung up on Kelly and she just stood there with the phone still on her ear as if they were still there. Kelly was really upset and stared to cry. She was telling her mom all about it to try and get it off of her mind. Her mom helped her out a little bit by saying that you don’t want to be friends with them anyway if they are going to act like that. Kelly understood and got dressed to go to see her uncle.

The next weekend Kelly went out with Sean and spent every Friday from then on with him. Kelly hasn’t spoken to her old group of friends and they haven’t spoken to her either. Kelly had become friends with Sean’s friends and they hung out on Saturdays or Sundays. Kelly’s uncle eventually died a few months later in the hospital. Kelly’s friends and family all attended the wake. After that Kelly knew that these people were her true friends unlike her old ones.

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