Shopping Rules

October 21, 2007
By Emily Wildes, Lakeland, FL

Teddy and Tigereta love to shop. However, Carmen doesn’t like to let them leave the house. Carmen loves her pink ribbon.

One night they decided to go to the Wal-Mart across the street. It was one of their favorite places to shop because it was so close and Carmen had a hard time catching them while they were making a super fast getaway.

“So what aisle should we stop at first?” Tigereta’s little sister wanted to know. Her tail wagged at the thought of the frozen pizza aisle and the CDs in the entertainment aisle.

“No way. Uh-uh. You are not going to be coming tonight. It’s too dangerous, especially tonight.” Tigereta commanded with an air of authority.

“Party pooper. It’s only Halloween.” Cathy sniffed. She rolled her eyes at her sister’s parental “I Know Best” glare, then walked out of the room right as Teddy was coming in.

“Oh, we’re going shop-ping! Yes, we’re going shop-ping. Oh, I love to shop, shop till I drop...” Teddy was singing away while doing his happy dance. “What’s up with Cathy?” he asked after he had finished and managed to get a chuckle out of his feline friend.

“She wants to go with us to Wal-Mart.” Tigereta sighed, “Again.”

“Well, she can’t get past Carmen yet...” Teddy was thinking aloud again, “but maybe she could be on lookout. You know, super spy like!” Teddy got into everything, and made a bad situation look good.

“Sounds good, if Cathy goes for it. I’m happy about it. She gets to be part of the action, and I get a little sister safe at home and out of Carmen’s way.” Tigereta agreed with a smile. Her green eyes lit up as she said, “You should ask her to be our ‘Super Spy’ though, Teddy. If I ask, she’ll think we’re up to something.”

Teddy shot off like a bullet in search of Cathy, starting to sing a new verse, “The sooner she spies, the sooner we SHOP!”

“I spy with my little eye... one mean kitty searching for stuffing filled shoppers.” Cathy rang out the words happily from behind her binoculars. She was happy to be the super spy look-out, though she would miss the fluorescent lit aisles of the store. She could wait though, after all, how long were breathing cats supposed to live?

“So the plan is to push the shopping cart in the driveway down the hilly part and hope we get enough momentum to get across the street and parking lot?” Tigereta was being a bit pessimistic about tonight’s outing. “We’ll be eaten alive before the cart is moving fast enough, plus people might be out and about!”

Whereas Teddy, was constantly optimistic. “Stop worrying. It’ll be great, awesome, not to mention out-witting, since we now have one-of-a-kind super spy! Nothing can go wrong!”

“Yay!” Cathy cried when she heard the word spy.

Tigereta gave up, “OK, let’s go Teddy. You know the signal, right Cathy?”

“Yup.” Cathy responded.

Teddy and Tigereta slowly snuck out the front, checking for trick-or-treaters as well as Carmen. All seemed clear, so they headed for their grocery cart which was sitting outside from a previous day’s shopping. Suddenly a light began to flicker from the house, and the two stuffed animals stiffened as they saw two glowing red eyes in the dark right behind the cart.

“Carmen.” the friends murmured.

In slow-mo, Carmen jumped at Teddy and Tigereta. But in that same moment Teddy and Tigereta jumped into the cart. Carmen hit the cart hard with her head, sending it at top speed down the driveway, across the parking lot, slamming into the front entrance of Wal-Mart. All the way, they were screaming. Tigereta out of fear, and Teddy out of pure enjoyment. They slid to a halt inside the store; all that was missing was a giant sign saying, “Welcome to Wal-Mart.”

“Let’s do that again!” Teddy exclaimed.

“Better yet, Let’s Shop!” Tigereta’s fears melted away with the appearance of merchandise.

Several hours later, and with a cart full of goodies from all over the store, Tigereta and Teddy arrived home. They quickly unloaded the purchases into the house, but they weren’t hurrying out of fear. Carmen had gone to bed, and they knew she wouldn’t be back tonight. What cat would after giving itself a concussion? She had sulked off in a slightly drunken-like state much earlier. No, they hurried because it was past Cathy’s bedtime. And the super spy refused to sleep until she knew what had been brought home due to her brilliant skills of Morse code.

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