I Ran

October 21, 2007
By Megan Hall, Lynchburg, VA

I ran, tears streaming down my dirt stained cheeks. I had fallen, but had picked myself back up when I heard the hounds baying close behind. I had no idea where I was heading all I knew was that I had to get far away from here. Splashing my way across the icy waters of the river, I collapsed onto the ground. This time I twisted my ankle badly. I whimpered when I tried to move.

"It's O.K.," a soothing voice murmured close to my ear. "I won't let them get you."

With that I found yourself hefted up into the arms of who I hoped was my protecter. The sound of the howling dogs faded farther and farther into the background. He set me down after what seemed to have been only a minute ,but he had obviously run quit a distance.

"Who are you?" I asked shakily. What if this was a trap?

"Do not fear me, I want to help you," his eyes were a piercng violet that seemed to see straight to my soul.

"What is your name?" I knew I should be wary of him, but I could feel all of my defenses melting.

"My name is Liam," he reached out and wiped away the last of my tears.

"I'm Anna," I felt myself blush and ducked my head. "I can't go back, they'll put me in an orphanage."

He nodded sympathetically. "You can stay here for tonight and I'll help you find a better place in the morning."

"Where is here?" I wondered out loud as I examined the surrounding stone walls.

"My secret little hide out. Nobody'll find you here, I promise," he smiled warmly.

I stiffled a yawn and slid down to the ground. He slipped off his jacket and let me use it as a pillow.

"Goodnight," I mumbled.

"'Night," he replied.

"Liam?" my voice was slurred with sleepiness.


"Thanks for helping me."

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