The Leeks

October 21, 2007
By Jacob Giles, Damon, TX

It was 7:30AM as Jim Martin got out of bed and headed twords the closet. "Thats strange" Jim thought.
There lie his J-77 pistol.
"I could have sworn i put it up last night" he thought as he let out a fait yawn.
Jim headed twords his closet, puton some jeans and got in his car. There was a man sitting in front of his car. Jim honked.
" Get out of the road" he yelled
Suddenly the man in front of his car opened fire on him.
Jim jumped out of the car and ran. Bullets blazing past him.
He turned the corner and lost the strange man.
Then his cell phone rang.
"Hello" he answered
"My name is agent Valo"
"Meet me at 12 in the train station on Brooks Street" she continued
" still there......"
"Who is it what do they want is it a setup" he thought


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